Monday, 30 May 2011  at 6:40 pm

As promised my lovelies, I come with an OFTD! Honestly, uni is killing me. I have midterms coming up...well June exams, yeah, not too thrilled about that. Enough of my moaning!

See how it tucks in at the back? Love this trenchie!

Decided to wear something short underneath to show my curves off.

"action shot" thanks to my mum.
I hope all my lovely readers are having a good week, and nothing too upsetting has happened on your Monday!

Bye Bye


  1. I have a question, do you live in South Africa? If so, where?
    Just wondering since I saw you on soompi and I don't know anyone from there , I was born there but moved to Canada~ Nice to see a fellow SA if you are from there =]

  2. I'm sorry I'm replying so late! A fellow soompier? Always nice to see a soompier, ahaha, Yes, I'm from S.A, I can't tell you where though ^^'