Fatigue and aches

Thursday, 9 February 2012  at 9:17 pm

So...I woke up at something to eight this morning with the most awful aches! I swear my bed was bathed in ache and fatigue. But that wasn't the best part, oh no! Then I had nausea and couldn't eat breakfast until one in the afternoon. I know I'm complaining like an old person, but, I've been experiencing nausea on and off for three days now. On a good day it will vanish then suddenly return like rain in a desert. It isn't something new though. I know the way I'm writing it might sound like it's something that I'm only recently experiencing, but for some reason I tend to get sick out the blue. When my body feels like spiting me, it takes a dash of nausea and a whole lot of fatigue and just throws it at me! But that's that and I'm still alive and will overcome it! *laughs* My quest to get a second ear piercing isn't going to fabricate any time soon maybe next year I'll be posting pictures of a new edition to my ear lobe. And that's a big maybe. Lectures are starting again for me in less than three days, oh the joy...But! I have an action plan to make things easier for me, want to know what it is? Study before the time! *laughs* Usually I study a week before an exam, and I still manage to pass, not wonderfully though. But who checks your marks right? They only worry about the degree behind your name. But I have to study hard this year so I can go to Asia next year with my favorite person!! Can't wait! I don't have a haul sadly, but I thought I would share some more pictures of the quality of images the Samsung Galaxy 2 spews out at your fingertips. Onto the pictures!

Indoor natural lighting, I used the secondary camera which is the front camera.

In the car natural lighting, I used the main camera.

Sally Hansen in #13 Celeb City. Artificial lighting without flash.

With flash.

I should have a review post up and another China Town haul up soon!
Until then!
Bye Bye!

Fuchsia, cam-whoring and bows!

Monday, 6 February 2012  at 4:13 pm
Afternoon lovelies!

It's alas! A lazy...Monday afternoon. I was MEANT to go out with favourite person today, but he had chores and errands to run so I can understand. I also wanted to get a second ear piercing today, on my right ear! I really want a second ear piercing, I'm lusting for one *laughs* I think it's because favourite person has one. But I've always wanted one...so, it's not like I'm copying right..? *laughs* So, like my mother said, the wise woman that she is! Told me that I shouldn't shop in December and rather shop in January/February because it is our slow/sale period...I had no idea that our slow season was in Summer *laughs* I'm so slooow and nonchalant *cringes* And I've been working on a new watermark instead of the boring text at the bottom left of my pictures. So, lovelies! My question for you today!
Should I get a second ear piercing? 
I know my question might seem juvenile to ask, because in the end it's up to freedom of choice, isn't it? But my mum has this stigma attached to having a second ear piercing. I won't share the stigma attached to it but it's a bad one.
ANYWAY! Onto the post!
I had NO idea the top was shear up until this point! I would've worn it without a tank top underneath if I didn't see how shear it was in this post.

I love the bows and the peter pan collar!

These beauties were on sale for 120 zar ($15.74) at Foschini. But alas the size was too small I managed to fit my bum in a size 6 and I needed a size 8.

Love the huge bow in front! So cute!

Would you call this a shift dress? Anyway, it wasn't on sale and I was hesitant to try it on because I didn't want it to look awful on me *laughs* but the bow drew me in, and I tried it on! Looks cute right?

These were on sale for 90 zar ($11.80) at Foschini as well. I've never ever had a pair of beige shorts before so I was happy when my mum found these on sale!

Peplums! Are in this season! But alas, another trend lost on my "voluptuous" hips. The frills are too high as in it doesn't fall in the correct area on my body. It falls way above my hips and that's the number one no, no when you're pear shaped.
Peplum trend seen on some lovely models.
Image taken from  http://www.retrotogo.com 

Picked up this bad boy at Clicks! Loove this color! I am absolutely in love with it! I bought it for 89 zar ($11.68) AND it was on sale!

I decided to mix animal print with my beige shorts.
Animal print scarf-gifted to my mum
white tank top-Queenspark
beige shorts-Foschini

And! Complimentary cam-whoring *laughs*
I hope everyone is enjoying their working week as best they can!
Till the next post!
Bye Bye

Sale Haul

Friday, 3 February 2012  at 1:36 pm

This afternoon I'm bumming with my brother at home. I happened to fall ill yesterday and my brother happened to get infected with my beautiful germs *laughs* For some reason in my house, I get sick the worst, then my brother gets infected and my mum is the last person to get ill. My dad never catches whatever we have. So, as the title suggests, I have a "sale haul". No, I am not giving away any of my clothes (sorry) but I've decided that if I want to go to Asia with my favourite person at the end of next year, I need to cut down on shopping and when I shop I can only shop when there's a sale. I actually had a deal with my mother that I wouldn't shop at all for two years, because I really want to go to Asia next year. When I was buying the items in my haul that is to follow, she kept telling me "the money that you're going to use to spend in Asia is now reduced because you bought clothes now" *laughs* So, I need to tame my inner shopaholic *laughs*

LOVED! These floral shorts, but when I tried them on my mum said it made my legs look really fat *laughs* so I didn't buy them. All the clothing items featured in my haul are from Truworths.

Aren't they just perfect for Spring/Summer?

Love the fit of these dark wash jeans. They fit snug all the way down my leg and usually that's hard for me to find because my hips are broad and my legs are slim.

Love the animal print belt accent. I didn't buy these jeans, they weren't on sale *laughs* 

I've always wanted a wool cape, at the time when I wanted it was so expensive! And I honestly thought it wouldn't be put on sale, but to my surprise and fortune I found it in the sale rack *smiling*

This is actually a pink sheer blouse, I didn't buy this either because it wasn't my size and the armpit area sagged. If I had to get it altered the draping by my hips would disappear and I just thought it wouldn't be worth it.

Oversized winter cascading jersey (?) It reminded me of Alaska *laughs* so I bought it. It's so warm and it'll be perfect for Winter.

Bought more tops to tuck into my skirts, on sale of course*laughs*

It looks so cute tucked into a black skirt! I bought this at Queenspark, and bought it for 129 zar ($16.96) I think the original price was 299 zar ($39.33). It seems I'm drawn to beige colours this season.

Gosh! I bought this at Woolworths! Love! Love! The back part has this satin type material, it's light and airy. Isn't clingy at all...I love it! I bought this with a voucher given to me by my dad as a gift *laughs* I think I did pretty well in terms of this haul, everything was either bought on sale or by a gift card.

I bought these skirts some time ago. I bought the black skirt from Jay Jay's and black and white printed skirt from Woolworths with a voucher. I had to get both skirts altered because the waistband was too big. It fit snug on my hips but the waistband jutted out and annoyed me to the depths of hell.

My mum decided to get a new phone! And what did she decide to get? The Samsung Galaxy S 2!

I love the huge screen! It's such an improvement on my phone. It's much faster and smoother. I've noticed that with my phone the more pictures or videos you load onto it, the slower it becomes, but with the S 2 it doesn't slow down at all. It laughs in the face of depleting memory *laughs* I also love that when you text it vibrates, it reminds me of my favourite persons HTC. There's also an option to power save when your battery is at 50%.

I decided to test out the camera in the pictures that are to follow.

Taken in natural lighting.

When taking pictures under artificial lighting, the camera isn't that good, but in natural lighting it's pretty good but not impressive.

What I bought for Christmas! I know it should have been in my Christmas haul, but I wanted my Christmas haul to be exclusively what I got from Asia. I bought my iPod at Look & Listen for 1, 999 zar ($262.95). When my favourite person went to Asia he bought a 32 gig iPod...for exactly the same price! But we got matching iPod's so it's oki! 

I hope everyone will have a good weekend! I only have a week left of vacation and then I'm onto early morning biochem classes, ugh!

Till the next post!
Bye Bye!