Announcement| Hiatus

Sunday, 18 May 2014  at 11:35 pm

Unfortunately, I'll be on hiatus till the 6th of June because of awful and crappy exams and I have a bunch of tests that lay ahead of me before that (wish me luck!). When I come back it'll be in full force with loads of nail art ideas (my nails have been bare for too long!). Please wait for me until then and I'll see you again on the 6th of June! :)

Bye Bye!

Review| Garnier Pure Active BB Cream!

Sunday, 11 May 2014  at 12:17 pm

My posting schedule is slowly but surely weaning itself week by week because of my upcoming test week which is killing me! For all of you at uni and going through test week...stay strong! Thankfully I'm able to upload my review of Garnier's Pure Active BB cream that I picked up sometime last week. Since I'm in love with BB creams and we could probably hold hands until the day we die, it's no surprise that I now have almost every single BB cream that Garnier has launched down here in S.A. The one and only thing that I love about Garnier's BB creams is that they are a perfect match to my skin tone. Lets face it, I'm a student with no cash in my wallet and I only get money if I do well in academics and Garnier's BB cream quenches my thirst for a barely there polished look. I've never realized that there is a noticeable difference between a bare face and one that has BB cream applied...I have no idea why I've never noticed it. I only noticed it, when I was taking pictures of new pure active BB cream. But anyway enough talking let's get onto the review!

Nail Art| Lazy Girl Nail Art Part 2

Friday, 2 May 2014  at 7:20 pm

For tonight's "nail art" design I tried the nail decals that I bought at the downtown China Town in my area. I love nail decals because they are quick and easy to apply for a quick fix when your nails are looking sad and tired! I chose a chess board design with small black and white blocks. I purchased these nail decals in a previous hall which you can take a look at here! I hope you enjoy tonight's post! :)

Till we meet again! :)
Bye Bye!

Haul| Call It Spring, Forever New & Edgar's!

Thursday, 1 May 2014  at 11:43 pm
Good Evening!

Oh gosh! It seems like forever since I last updated, even though it's only been a week. But uni and assignments and the flu and all these things sucked me into a wormhole! And here we are in the new month! How does it feel? Feel's pretty meh-ish to me thus far. Not only have I been swamped with staying up late until the early hours of the morning, literally writing a mini thesis, but my bleeding disorder has gotten me worried lately. Since I kind of went into a relapse last month, which scared me for what was in store for this month. But so far so good! On a much lighter note, I have a culmination of items that I picked up last month! So I hope you enjoy tonight's post! :) 

||Call It Spring||

I found this gem of a store in one of my local shopping malls. I never ventured inside the store because it looked dark and...well a bit dodgy. What possessed me to take a look inside, I thank all the time because this is now my favorite shop to go to, to buy midi rings and cute earrings for my conch. I'm hoping to find earrings for my rook piercing that will be coming out in a couple of very long months *laughs*

Clickey for more pictures! :)