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Friday, 6 May 2011  at 9:25 pm

I'm really meant to be studying for my calculus test next week Friday, but honestly. I studied throughout my whole holiday, I'm at least allowed to blog post am I not? I'm sorry I don't have any OFTD's this week, but I might have a NOTD up sometime tomorrow. I've read many bloggers post interesting facts about themselves. So, being the fledgling blogger that I am, I've decided to do the same.

Since I'm 18-ish I'll tell you 18 interesting facts about myself:

  1. When I was 13 one of my poems that I had written was published. It was published in the National poetry society of my country.
  2. I paint my nails every week. Every week I have a different nail art design on my nails.
  3. I currently have over 30 bottles of nail polish, not that many I know, but I haven't included the bottles of nail polish I throw away.
  4. I listen to Korean, Chinese and Japanese music. I believe that if something sounds nice, what's stopping you from listening to it? Even though you don't understand it, makes no difference. 
  5. I have low blood and a bleeding problem called Von Willebrand's disease, I was hospitalized because of this disease.
  6. I hate meat and want to become a vegan, but, because I'm low blood I unfortunately cannot become one. 
  7. I don't wear make-up, no eyeliner, no foundation, nothing.
  8. I'm 1.57cm tall....so dam short.
  9. I hate my legs and thighs, my mum also teases me about them.
  10. I have to turn a cup three times in a clockwise direction before I can drink from it. Weird I know.
  11. I'm a compulsive shopper of clothes and nail polish. Sometimes, I don't even like the items or color nail polish I buy, but I want to buy something...I have to. 
  12. I don't eat breakfast or supper, I basically binge eat in the afternoons.
  13. My brother introduced me to anime (japanese animation) when I was 10 or 11 years old, ever since then I've been hooked on anime.
  14. I've been playing the piano since I was 13 years old.
  15. I've never been overseas.
  16. When I was 6 or 9 I did ballet, my mum eventually took me out of it because I couldn't dance to the music, I could play the music but couldn't dance to it.
  17. This is my final attempt at becoming a fully fledged blogger, I must say it's not going to bad.
  18. I've never broken any of my bones, only fainted in a bathroom (laughs). 
I hope this wasn't too boring for my lovely readers, this is all I can post for now because of exams and test coming up. I hope everyone will have a wonderful and pleasant weekend.

Bye Bye~

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