Sunday, 29 May 2011  at 8:34 pm

My lovely readers, my common sense has struck at me once again, I have decided to post the NOTD, Fashion Haul and OFTD as individual posts. Makes sense to do it this way, doesn't it? So, instead of killing your bandwidth and slowing your internet connection to nothing, posting these posts individually would be better. If any of my lovely readers out there has a problem with this, leave me a comment in the comment box below. I was meant to post this earlier, but I was caught up in tuition and all things related to uni, so I'm sorry for the late update.

First off, start with a good base coat. You don't want your nails to stain.

Paint all your fingers red on your right hand besides the ring finger and on your left hand paint all the fingers except the index finger.

On the fingers that have you haven't painted, paint a french tip. I used French manicure, number 433 in French Ivory, because it isn't as bold as plain white nail polish.

Using a nail art brush paint a heart using the red you painted your nails with, in the middle of the unpainted nails just above the french tip.

The french tip shouldn't be dry at this stage because it takes an hour for nail polish to dry, so this allows you to pat on glitter onto the french tip.

Lastly, add a super shiny top coat, I usually paint two coats of Rimmel's Pro Super Wear, for good measure.
I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, and will have an even better week ahead.

Bye Bye~!