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Tuesday, 17 May 2011  at 8:52 pm

Lately, I don't why, but I've been waking up in the middle of the night, feeling absolutely awful. I think it's stress, university is slowly killing me. But, enough of that, as the title states, I am going to share my skin care routine with my lovely readers today.

I use Clinique's three step skin care system for dry combination skin, rose water and Drammatic Result Youth Gel.

This is a normal face wash, this skin care range is made for sensitive skin, so that's a plus for me, because I break out if I wash or put anything on my face that contains perfume. It doesn't burn your eyes if you happen to get some of the face wash in your eyes, so it is really mild. I find that after I wash my skin with this it leaves it much cleaner? I've used many skin care products in the past and this face wash, seems to clean my skin the best.
The clarifying lotion is a normal toner. Other toner's tend to leave your skin feeling tight and taught and this one doesn't do that. It doesn't make your skin feel tight or taught.

I use rose water after I clense my face because I read somewhere, that if you have acne problems, you should use rose water to disinfect your face. It works for me, and it prevents my T-zone from getting oilier faster.
I apply this Dramatic Results Youth Gel after I disinfect my face because, this gel works best, at it's absolute best actually when your skin is absolutely clean. I noticed in the past that whenever I didn't wash my face properly, the gel wouldn't work as well. The women who sells this product says that it can't penetrate the pores, when the skin isn't clean enough. They actually use this gel in hospitals on burn patients to make the scarring of the skin less. I must say but this is the only product that I have encountered that has fulfilled its task. If, say you have a pimple, but it's one of those pimples you know is going to turn into a ugly red inflamed pimple, then you apply this gel and by tomorrow the swelling and redness is gone. The skin on my face scars very easily, I use to have ugly mosquito bites on my face and after a few weeks the marks that were on my face that were left by the mosquito bites, were considerably lighter and you could hardly see it. The company Avroy Shlain manufactures this product and it costs around 399 zar($57). 

After I apply my miracle gel, I apple the third step of the Clinique skin care system, which is the moisturizing lotion. I don't really like the moisturizing lotion, I feel that it makes my skin get oilier faster, the other sown side is, it doesn't have any SPF in it, so you have to apply your sunscreen protector on afterwards. The one highlight of it though is,it doesn't make your skin feel heavy, or like it's being weighed down.
I hope this post was informing for all of my readers. I might post a Fashion Haul and a NOFTD, so please wait until then.

Bye Bye

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