Nail Art| Blue Marble Effect!

Saturday, 30 August 2014  at 11:52 pm

I'm starting to feel a tad distant from my lovely readers and blog since I've been swamped with uni work and assignments and haven't been able to talk to all of you as much as I'd like. With that being said I've also had a lot on my mind lately, since my wisdom tooth is giving me problems and with my bleeding disorder any mention of an operation scares me to the tips of the nerve endings in my toes. So tonight will be a short and quick post and I'm hoping that I'll be able to upload much more with the upcoming weekend since the semester ends next Friday!
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Nail Art| Gradient Chevron!

Saturday, 23 August 2014  at 8:45 pm

I've been super excited and in a good mood lately because A. I just watched Divergent, which I think just changed my life and my entire perspective on life and B. why on earth is Theo James such a handsome man? Well that's been going through my mind lately, which isn't helping me studying for my upcoming test on Tuesday *cringes*. Tonight's post will be short, quick and to the point! Kinda like, how you drink a refreshing drink on a hot Summer's day! *laughs* As you all know, well hopefully know, that I don't review anything on this blog that I don't like or is of a crappy quality. So getting that out the way, I have another BPS review using their QA91 stamping plate (unfortunately they're all sold out on the plate now but here are a few that I thought all of you might like here, here and here!). The only reason I chose this plate was for the chevron print on it. I hate using the tape that is cut into a chevron print and you sit there trying to align them perfectly, or in my case your nail beds are small and you are only able to fit a max of two! This was my first time trying a gradient and my hand at stamping in a very long time! I gave up stamping after failing many times at aligning the print perfectly on my nails, but I think this time I got the hang of it! I hope you enjoy tonight's post! :)

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Review| Catrice Eyebrow Filler & Eyebrow Perfecter

Wednesday, 20 August 2014  at 7:20 pm

As the third semester in uni is reaching its expiration date, the amount of assignments and tests that are piling up is tremendous! As I sit here now, I'm working on an enzymology report that's only due on the 2nd of September but there are so many more other things to come before that date approaches (tests, semester tests, research). On another note, I've noticed lately on Google+ that the ice water bucket challenge has been trending like insane lately! I never knew why until I decided to find out. I'd have to say that I fully support the campaign/challenge, I first knew about ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) through watching "Boku no Ita Jikan" which moved me to absolute tears because it was so darn sad! After watching the drama I researched everything about ALS, for anyone that doesn't know what ALS is, it is a degenerative muscle disorder which specifically targets the lower and upper motor neurons in your body. Those are the neurons responsible for movement which is why, when they are destroyed you become paralyzed. So when I heard about the "ice bucket challenge" I thought to myself that they're pouring ice water over them to simulate what happens when you have ALS (like the paralysis, because when you're cold you don't want to move" apparently I was wrong, but even so, I'm glad the challenge was created and that lesser known diseases are getting a bigger scope out there in the world! (Now if only they had a challenge for Von Willebrand's disease!). 

So tonight's review is on my very first purchase of an eyebrow product. All of you know (or don't know) I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to the face department and never thought in a million ways to ever become interested in make-up and eyebrow fillers and lipstick! Considering this is my first eyebrow product I can't compare it against anything, but in my opinion for anyone on a budget and is a student like me and tons of make-up isn't your thing. Keep on reading! :) 
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Nail Art| Vintage Flowers with Ripped Wallpaper

Wednesday, 13 August 2014  at 3:11 pm

Another day at university, another day at home *yay!* I've been such a lazy bum this semester and I have no idea why...well, I'm only at home today since I don't have a car and my brother was in an accident and his car is a no go. Having no car sucks! On a much, much lighter note, we have another product review from the lovely BornPretty store! All of you know how much I love the BornPretty store, and no, just stating a fact here, I'm not getting paid or anything to say this. They are a genuinely good online shop, where what you pay for is what you get, and all their nail art items are of a high quality. So, I hope today on this lovely afternoon, you'll enjoy this post! :)

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Review| Garnier Eye Rollerball

Friday, 8 August 2014  at 11:26 am
Good Morning!

I literally made a 360 degree turn off the highway back home this morning! Traffic was awful! So awful! It was chock and block filled with cars, with not an inch of breathing space between cars. Trying to get someone to allow me to pass in to the next lane so I could turn off the highway was even worse! So here I am, writing a review on the most used eye rollerball that I've incorporated into my "beauty routine"! I bought mine for R99::$9.19 at Clicks for all the S.A readers that want to get their hands on it! I hope you enjoy this post! :)

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Review| TopShop's Lip Cream in Lotus Flower!

Saturday, 2 August 2014  at 7:16 pm

Gosh it's already the beginning of the new month, just last month I celebrated my birthday, time sure does fly doesn't it? But I'm not complaining since I can't wait for this year to end and uni to end! I need a holiday already! Tonight I am super excited to review TopShop's lip cream, I've been literally dying (not even itching) to review TopShop's lip cream because it looked super pigmented whenever I looked at it in the shop. But of course, with me being a cheap skate and all, I'll only ever purchase something if it's on sale and when there is an extra 30%/70% off that's even better! I bought my lip cream for R69::$6.46 and it's original price was R99::$9.27. For all the S.A readers I don't think you'll be able to buy this product anymore since A. It was on sale after all and they tend to remove sale stock pretty quickly and B. There wasn't that many left at the TopShop I purchased mine from, but their lip tar is a pretty good buy instead of the lip cream! I hope you enjoy tonight's post! :)

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