Nail Art| Lazy Girl Nail Art Part 3

Thursday, 26 June 2014  at 9:35 pm

I haven't uploaded a lazy girl nail art post in quite some-time (To see the others in the series clickey here and here)! I'm sure all of you know that I'm obsessed with short cut methods to make my nails look as presentable as I'd like them to be. One of the ways to do that, especially if you're a uni/college student is to turn thine eyes to the wonders of nail stickers! *laughs* Not only are nail stickers durable, they're long lasting too. Mine last for at least a week (if you know what brand to buy) and if you are a picker like me, picking these nail stickers off your nails does no good to them at all! I once picked them off and ripped the first layer of keratin off my nails *cringes* To satisfy all your nail sticker needs clickey here and if you're interested in purchasing the nail stickers I'm sporting tonight, clickey here! I hope you like tonight's post :)

Nail Art| Diamond Glitter Done 2 Ways!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014  at 3:24 pm
Afternoon! :)

I have no idea why I put that smiley there, since I've been suffering from a sinus headache for three days which is killing me! But oh well, this is the second post in my BornPretty Store series, featuring diamond glitter! I hope you like today's nail art post! :)
*all samples reviewed were chosen by me and the opinions expressed and stated are truthful and honest*

Nail Art| Star Rhinestones & Sparkly Stripes!

Friday, 20 June 2014  at 12:45 pm

Since I've been out of the swing of things when it comes to nail art and making my nails look interesting, I've had the pleasure of working with BornPretty Store again to get me into the swing of things! I've worked with BornPretty store before and reviewed their magnetic and glow in the dark nail-polish! It's safe to say that I highly recommend BornPretty Store for their nail art items, of the ones that I have reviewed I've always received items that promise to live up to what they state to be. I hope you enjoy today's nail art post! :)
*Every item reviewed and sent to me was chosen by me and the opinions expressed and stated are honest and truthful*

Review| Clinique's blushing blush!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014  at 8:32 pm

A few weeks ago (let's make that a couple of weeks ago) I received Clinique's blushing blush in bashful plum in a gift pack, for buying one of Clinique's facial treatments. I've never paid any attention to blush, because for me, it's just another tiresome step to add to a beauty routine. I'm sure all of you can see, but I'm definitely without a doubt, a complete noobie and lazy bum when it comes to applying make-up! Although I've always found blush unnecessary in a beauty routine and my mum would always tell me "a flush of color always does a world of good for your skin" I've now realized the wonders of blush. When I received the free sample blush I though it would be one of those items that would be stored at the back of my cabinet in my bathroom never to see the sun's rays! Boy was I wrong! Clinique has successfully converted me from a non-wearing blush noobie to a full time (I don't want to leave the house without this healthy does of color on my cheeks) wanna be make-up expert! *laughs* Read on to find out more! :)

Review| Rimmel Color Rush in #710 "Drive me Nude"!

Friday, 13 June 2014  at 6:05 pm

Ever since I walked into my local department store I've been eying Rita Ora's collaboration with Rimmel! You all know how obsessed I am with chubby sticks/lipstick crayons, it's safe to say that Rimmel's color rush collection of chubby sticks is definitely worth a try! Read on to find out more! :) 

Review| Rimmel Scandal Eyes Thick and Thin eyeliner!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014  at 1:14 pm

Today I'll be reviewing Rimmel's Scandal eyes eyeliner which I picked up a week ago! I was thrilled when I saw it, because I've been looking for a good quality eyeliner felt tip that will give me the perfect pigmented cat eye I'm in search for. I should have kept on searching for that perfect eyeliner tool because this is definitely not it! Read on to find out why! :)

Review| Clinique's Chubby Stick Intense in "Mightiest Maraschino"

Sunday, 8 June 2014  at 4:24 pm

How is everyone doing? I hope you're all healthy and doing well! Like I said, I would be back on the 6th of June and I am promptly...2 days late as always. *laughs* I know that today's review is of a super old lip product (well in my books it is) but I only managed to pick it up just the other day. Which is probably due to the fact that I've been obsessed with Revlon's lacquer balms! With that being said, I'm pretty disappointed with Clinique's Intense chubby stick. I had high hopes for it, since Clinique was the brand that got me hooked on chubby sticks! Oh well, read on to find out more! :)

As I've mentioned before in previous posts and I'm sure you guys are sick of reading this, but my lips are prone to getting dry and they decide to chap when they feel like it. The minute I applied Clinique's Intense chubby stick onto my lips, there was a bit of traction with the lip product and my lips. Sure, this happens with all lip products, but when I swatched Revlon's lacquer balm onto my lips I had very minimal traction occurring. With that being said, the wear time of this Chubby stick is a good 3+ hours surprisingly! But be aware, for anyone who has dual toned lips like me, after 3+ hours the color will start fading and become splotchy.