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Sunday, 16 February 2014  at 9:05 pm

I've been itching to write this post for a while now, and thankfully my rook piercing has healed up nicely so that I can take a picture of it! As with all my piercing posts (second ear hole piercing and conch piercing) I'll share my experience of getting the piercing and healing progress thus far. For all my piercings I've either gone to a tattoo parlour and recently have been going to an ear clinic in my home-town that specialises in ear and bodily piercings. A needle is used for all my piercings and mind I say it does hurt. Don't believe anyone that says pain tolerance is different for everyone, I guarantee you, that you will feel some sort of pain. When I got my rook pierced the needle didn't do much damage to my pain threshold but when the piercer inserted the jewellery I almost crapped my pants. It hurt really bad! It wasn't a burning pain like I had experienced with my conch and second ear hole piercings, but a feeling that a piece of flesh was gone! But after that I was able to walk around in the mall with a mild headache which wasn't too bad. I think I'm getting better at handling my piercing business *laughs* 

For my rook piercing I had the usual sharpie mark made in my ear of where about I wanted it situated. I wanted my rook piercing to be situated further inside my ear rather than outwards. So that I am able to hide it with my hair if say I have to go for an interview at uni or for a potential job. You're probably thinking it would be easier to remove the jewellery then go for an interview, the thing with rook piercings is the position in which it is situated. It makes it harder for jewellery to be removed and inserted back into. With my conch piercing it doesn't like earrings to be changed constantly. I have a small keloid by my conch piercing because of the jewellery moving around and annoying it. The keloid isn't noticeable because it's at the back of my ear (thankfully!). For those of you who don't know what keloids are, they're a build up of scar tissue caused by irritation to an open wound/hole in my case. 

The healing process for my rook piercing has been the most pleasurable and easy one I have ever had. As I said before, for my conch piercing I had the hiccup of developing a keloid which really annoyed me. I haven't developed a keloid on my rook, thankfully! Cleaning is also a pain, because it's harder to clean both sides of the earring. I have my mum help me clean my piercing which makes things easier. Before I would soak a cotton pad with saline solution and dap it onto my rook. Pus later developed in the piercing (eek!) which caused my ear to become inflamed and red. After a good cleaning though that my mum had to help with, the inflammation and redness vanished the following day. 

When I was at the piercing clinic the piercer told me to get my jewellery changed after 6 months to a smaller barbell. Let me say this now to anyone thinking of doing this, your piercing will not be healed after 6 months it takes at least a year for a rook piercing to heal and for a good reason. Your rook has layers upon layers of cartilage, replacing the barbell with a smaller one won't only make it harder to clean than it already is, but an infection could occur or development of a keloid. It's been a little over a month since I've had my rook pierced, it's still sore to the touch and if I happen to sleep on it, there's a build up of gunk, which is gross. Other than that, on most days I don't notice that it is there because it doesn't hurt as much anymore. The best piece of advise I can give for taking care of a rook piercing is keeping it clean. The cleaner it is, the less it hurts! Now onto what my rook piercing actually looks like! :)

As a side note, if your rook is thin, it'll heal sooner. My rook is thin which is why when I got it pierced I didn't feel much. If your rook is small, your piercer will advise to not get it pierced because it'll be harder too. I was afraid mine would be too small thankfully it wasn't!

As a side picture, I found this cute heart earring to put into my conch piercing! It's a pain to sleep with it in though, because it stabs the inside of my ear every time I sleep on it.

I hope this post was helpful!

Is anyone else interested in getting a rook piercing? Or an uncommon piercing?

Till we meet again! :)
Bye Bye!

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