Magnetic nail polish tutorial

Friday, 29 June 2012  at 4:05 pm

I mentioned in my previous post that using magnetic nail polish is a bit tricky, so today I come with a tutorial on how to use the magic magnetic nail polish correctly

Let's begin!

Final look!

I noticed that if I held the magnetic plate at a specific angle it created the desired "magnetic effect" but when it was held at a 180 degree angle to my nail it didn't create any effect. Please take into account that I'm sharing my experience with the magnetic plate, it might work at a 180 degree on your nail but I found that if I held it at an angle it worked well for me

If held at a 45 degree angle to the nail it creates the best results

I hope that this tutorial was informative and all my lovelies could take something away from this tutorial!

Until we meet again!

Bye Bye

Bornprettystore review

Thursday, 28 June 2012  at 4:24 pm

This review is LONG overdue and I apologize for that. I was approached by a representative from Bornprettystore to review one of their products. I was allowed to choose which product I wanted to review. I chose a product that I have never seen before down here and have never heard about. There were so many different products to choose from it was hard to settle on just one. I ended up choosing the "Magic magnetic nail polish with magnetic plate #01"

The magic nail polish works on the pretense of magnetic particles. There are particles in the nail polish that "respond" to the magnetic plate. In whichever direction the magnetic plate is placed above the nail the particles will re-align and arrange in a specific pattern and hence the effect it creates on your nail.


The broad tip of the nail polish brush allows for ease of application. I know that some people prefer a thin tip to a broad tip because a thin tip is more precise, but I prefer a broad tip because it covers a larger surface area and allows for easy and quick application

The nail polish has a hint of glitter and offsets the harsh black which adds a nice touch and is a nice change from plain black

The effect that the nail polish creates puts me in absolute awe every time I see it, I'm in love with the effect that the magnetic plate creates on the nail polish


In general quick drying nail polish is tricky to work with and requires some amount of skill

At times it was hard to work with the quick drying nail polish and the magnetic strip. I had to ask my brother to help me, he would hold the magnetic plate above my nail the minute I finished painting my nail

I realized because it was Winter and the air gets extremely dry it decreased the drying time of the nail polish and made it even more harder for the magnetic plate to imprint on the nail polish 

Overall, the product doesn't disappoint, it delivers the desired effects and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see the effects of magnetic nail polish

I have a tutorial on how to use the product correctly and will be uploaded....when I upload it *laughs*

Till we meet again!

Bye Bye! 

She's alive!

  at 7:06 am

I've been fiddling with my header since 5 this morning! Oh, the dedicated life of a blogger *laughs* I won't apologize or promise updates regularly as I don't seem to keep my word. I have tons to post, but my health has been keeping me busy lately, once again! I've been in and out of the doctors office because I didn't recover as well as I thought I would from the time that I had the flu. Besides my health my internet has also been compromised and I can only use it at midnight or in the early hours of the morning, firstly I'm not a morning person and I don't stay up past 9 *laughs*

Expect an update later some time today, I have a product review and a tutorial hidden in the works!

Till we meet again!

Bye Bye!

Winter skin care routine

Tuesday, 19 June 2012  at 11:37 am

So, today I come with my Winter skin care routine! Since the air is extremely dry over here I find that my T-zone is oilier than usual and my cheeks are tight and dry, tight and dry cheeks aren't happy cheeks! Dry air is only good for one thing and one thing only, preventing fly aways and frizz *laughs*

Onto the routine!

The blue bottle contains salicylic acid which is too harsh for Winter, you cannot use a strong face wash and a strong toner for your face, your face will be extremely dry and taught

After cleansing, sprits on rose water to revitalize skin and restore moisture. I use the deep cleansing mask once a week and the exfoliating scrub a day after I've used the deep cleansing mask. Since I hate foundation I use a tinted moisturiser Clarins works well with my skin and doesn't break me out

Instead of the usual moisturiser I use a sunscreen with a high spf, and remember do not slap sunscreen or moisturiser onto your face, the only thing that, that is good for is clogging pores. Lightly rub your hands together with the moisturiser/sunscreen and pat onto the skin. This allows the skin to breath and for combination skin like mine it keeps an oily T-zone at bay for longer!

I think this is something only found here, it's a sort of  a medicated lip balm. I used it for a while and it worked well. This is something that will work well on lips that do not dry easily like mine. My lips have the tendency to become accustomed to certain lip products and then they don't work anymore

I hope this post has been informative and my lovelies are able to take something away from it!

Till we meet again!

Bye Bye!

Updated layout

Monday, 18 June 2012  at 3:42 pm

Yes, I know I've been on and off mia'ing, but I caught the flu, literally in my throat *laughs* and I was sick for an entire week. Why does being sick have to suck? Being sick is never fun, and it seemed like this round of the flu I had full blown flu-like symptoms such as nausea. I never get nauseous when I get the flu. I've been at home SINCE exams ended, meaning I haven't left the house in, two weeks (?) Oh well, I'll make up lost time with favourite person!

Onto my layout! It's really been bugging me for a while, I love change and the old layout worked on every nerve in my body when I saw it. The only difference that I realised now....I lost my clock and I didn't realise *laughs* So, according to Google Chrome and Firefox my layout is meant to look somewhat something like this:

If there are any discrepancies such as the wallpaper looking weird, please leave me a comment in the comments box below! I realise that the title header isn't fixed I'm still working on it but 90% of the blog revamp is done. Yes, I know it isn't as "professional" looking as some other fashion blogs but this is my blog and I love it!

Posts...I know this is tiresome to read but WILL be more frequent, I have a line-up of posts ready and waiting to be posted!

So! until we meet again!

Bye Bye!

P.S I managed to get a cute clock but not my original cutey that sways relentlessly

What's in my nail art box

Saturday, 9 June 2012  at 1:40 pm

I'm finally back! My last exam *laughs* I really hate exams, but I don't know anyone who loves them. As the title suggests it's my little spin off on the traditional "what's in my make-up bag" since I don't wear make-up and I personally hate make-up. I do though really want to try the ever popular BB cream! But is it supplied in my shade? I hate the effect foundation creates, I'm no make-up guru, but BB cream seems much more lighter than foundation. Foundation creates a cakey effect if not applied correctly, but this is a rant for another post *laughs*
I'll be sharing what's in my nail art box and a few of my absolute must haves that everyone should use to do nail art if you're a beginner.

This cutey holds some of my nail art sequences 

Let's start off with the tools

Cuticle clipper, don't get too cuticle clipping happy like I get, I once cut into my skin because I was so obsessed with getting rid of my cuticles

Have to have a Hello Kitty nail file!

When I was teaching myself how to paint with these brushes as you can see I completely messed up one of my brushes, these brushes are really hard to use and you have to have steady hands. I believe in painting my nails and creating designs with a fine paint brush instead of sticking on some sequence and stickers.

An easier way to create black stripes and designs.

They look like condoms I know *laughs* but they're used to put over your fingers to protect them from smudging and messing up your hard-work. 

Onto the fun stuff!

Easiest way to create a lace effect buy lots of lace in a pattern you prefer and cut it up to the shape of your nail and press it on over nail polish that hasn't dried completely.

The only splurge besides my O.P.I black shatter nail polish. Inglot is really expensive down here. I was in search of a white shatter nail polish and Inglot was the only company at the time that had it in stock.

Pearls....that I can't really use *laughs* I need to cut them in half so they don't bulge like crazy on my nail.

3D sticker thingies, haven't used them yet because they're so cute!

It's just so cute!

Want sparkly party nails in a flash? Mix glitter of different colours, apply a top coat onto your nails and apply the glitter with your finger gently pressing the glitter onto the wet base coat.

There are a lot of sequences and stickers I haven't used because most of the nail art I do, I do with my paint brushes.

Sadly, my nails have been this way, nice and short for a couple of weeks now. They've lost the feeling of nail polish *sob*
I hope my lovelies can take something away from this post, if you haven't I'll try and make the next post more informative *laughs*

Till we meet again

Bye Bye!

Two more to go

Sunday, 3 June 2012  at 1:18 pm

Lovelies....all is not well in the land of paradise. So, I only have two exams left to write, well it's technically one test and one exam. Let's say that Thursdays exam last week was oki....I don't want to jynx it since I'm suspicious like that. I've felt lately really....I can't describe it, melancholic? No, sad? No, maybe....a bit down. I feel like some things that are extremely important to me have changed, I don't know what it is. I probably shouldn't be broadcasting my inner turmoil but....I don't really discuss these things with anyone other than favourite person. My mum comes into my room and just tells me something so annoying that she knew would upset me, and I allowed it to get to me. Though I don't want to admit that I'm stressed out but I am, I can feel it. I get agitated easily, cry easily everything happens to easily. But these things make you stronger, right? It's just hard to find the strength sometimes. I'm trying to hold back the tears *laughs* I'm not that weak I know my strengths, I know what makes me stronger. I just wish some people in my life would see that. I'm not as useless as they think, I haven't come this far in life by sheer luck.

Oh well, everything happens for a reason, there's a reason certain things are happening and I believe they'll get better with time or sort themselves out.

Posts will be trickling in sometime this week Thursday or Friday.

Till we meet again.

Bye Bye!