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Sunday, 29 May 2011  at 9:33 pm

Yes, I am posting twice in one night, what has this world come to. Anyway, I'll upload my OFTD tomorrow, if I manage to fit it into my schedule. Let, me just share a bit of my side of the world. It was freezing today, and I don't mean the good freezing that makes your nose and cheeks red. I'm talking about the kind of freezing that literally bites into your bones and rips them from you, but this is what it looked like outside.

Doesn't it look harmless? I had to sit in the sun's warmth because the house was so freaking cold. I still love winter though.
I bought this lovely blue top at Trueworth's for 299 zar ($43).

My first trenchie, it's so grown up, well I feel more mature in it, even though my face doesn't look it, I bought this at Trueworth's for 599 zar ($87). I bought this during peak winter cloth shopping, so it was extremely expensive, but it was worth it, it's tailore, it tucks in at the back. I just love it, and the color is fun and not too outlandish.

I bought another baby doll dress. It's super cute paired with tights. I bought this at Trueworth's for 299 zar ($43). I previously bought the grey baby doll dress, but then they had a black one as well, so I had to get it. This one is much shorter than the grey one so, wearing tights with this is a must.

After I bought my purple trenchie, I walked into another store, and this one just came at me. It was tailored, had a longer length and the print reminded me of twee. I don't know why. I bought this trenchie at Foschini for 620 zar ($90). I bought this trenchie the same time I bought the purple one.

I saw this black skirt on a mannequin, and she looked so good in it! Unfortunately. my hips don't look too good in it, but I bought it anyway. If I wear a long billowy top, all is solved. So, it's okay. I bought this at Trueworth's for 170 zar ($25).

I really wanted a lip stain, because the beautiful ulzzangs of Korea, inspired me, with their lip stains. I actually bought the wrong lip tint, I was meant to buy the lip tint in Frenzy, but instead settled for Gothic because I loved how red it was. I bought this for 99 zar ($14). I do find that when I apply the lip tint, my lips dry out even with lip balm on, and with winter and the cold air, it looks like my lips are severely chapped. I suggest wearing this during summer or when the air is moist.

Aren't these just the cutest? With the bows, they're so cute. My mum says to me, why don't you buy them, I ask her, but what am I going to wear with it, she says I don't know but you should take them. Honestly, my mum is just as bad with impulsive shopping like I am. I bought these for only 25 zar ($4) so it wasn't too much of a dent.


  1. woah. that's alotta purple clothes:) I especially like the socks/legwarmers though. BTW, I've read that NYC's lip stains are really good, if you want to check those out.

    Have a great week~

  2. The socks are just too cute, lol, I just had to buy them XD. Honestly, I would try NYC's lipstain if I could, down here, we don't have much of NYC anything. It sucks!

  3. ahhh that stinks:( lol I can't find them by me either. Hopefully you'll find it soon:)

  4. I hope I'll find it soon too! Oh, and I just want to say, thank you for being my first follower I appreciate it!

  5. Your welcome, but your blog is really great, so its my honor to follow it:) hahahaha