Monday, 30 May 2011  at 6:40 pm

As promised my lovelies, I come with an OFTD! Honestly, uni is killing me. I have midterms coming up...well June exams, yeah, not too thrilled about that. Enough of my moaning!

See how it tucks in at the back? Love this trenchie!

Decided to wear something short underneath to show my curves off.

"action shot" thanks to my mum.
I hope all my lovely readers are having a good week, and nothing too upsetting has happened on your Monday!

Bye Bye

Fashion Haul

Sunday, 29 May 2011  at 9:33 pm

Yes, I am posting twice in one night, what has this world come to. Anyway, I'll upload my OFTD tomorrow, if I manage to fit it into my schedule. Let, me just share a bit of my side of the world. It was freezing today, and I don't mean the good freezing that makes your nose and cheeks red. I'm talking about the kind of freezing that literally bites into your bones and rips them from you, but this is what it looked like outside.

Doesn't it look harmless? I had to sit in the sun's warmth because the house was so freaking cold. I still love winter though.
I bought this lovely blue top at Trueworth's for 299 zar ($43).

My first trenchie, it's so grown up, well I feel more mature in it, even though my face doesn't look it, I bought this at Trueworth's for 599 zar ($87). I bought this during peak winter cloth shopping, so it was extremely expensive, but it was worth it, it's tailore, it tucks in at the back. I just love it, and the color is fun and not too outlandish.

I bought another baby doll dress. It's super cute paired with tights. I bought this at Trueworth's for 299 zar ($43). I previously bought the grey baby doll dress, but then they had a black one as well, so I had to get it. This one is much shorter than the grey one so, wearing tights with this is a must.

After I bought my purple trenchie, I walked into another store, and this one just came at me. It was tailored, had a longer length and the print reminded me of twee. I don't know why. I bought this trenchie at Foschini for 620 zar ($90). I bought this trenchie the same time I bought the purple one.

I saw this black skirt on a mannequin, and she looked so good in it! Unfortunately. my hips don't look too good in it, but I bought it anyway. If I wear a long billowy top, all is solved. So, it's okay. I bought this at Trueworth's for 170 zar ($25).

I really wanted a lip stain, because the beautiful ulzzangs of Korea, inspired me, with their lip stains. I actually bought the wrong lip tint, I was meant to buy the lip tint in Frenzy, but instead settled for Gothic because I loved how red it was. I bought this for 99 zar ($14). I do find that when I apply the lip tint, my lips dry out even with lip balm on, and with winter and the cold air, it looks like my lips are severely chapped. I suggest wearing this during summer or when the air is moist.

Aren't these just the cutest? With the bows, they're so cute. My mum says to me, why don't you buy them, I ask her, but what am I going to wear with it, she says I don't know but you should take them. Honestly, my mum is just as bad with impulsive shopping like I am. I bought these for only 25 zar ($4) so it wasn't too much of a dent.


  at 8:34 pm

My lovely readers, my common sense has struck at me once again, I have decided to post the NOTD, Fashion Haul and OFTD as individual posts. Makes sense to do it this way, doesn't it? So, instead of killing your bandwidth and slowing your internet connection to nothing, posting these posts individually would be better. If any of my lovely readers out there has a problem with this, leave me a comment in the comment box below. I was meant to post this earlier, but I was caught up in tuition and all things related to uni, so I'm sorry for the late update.

First off, start with a good base coat. You don't want your nails to stain.

Paint all your fingers red on your right hand besides the ring finger and on your left hand paint all the fingers except the index finger.

On the fingers that have you haven't painted, paint a french tip. I used French manicure, number 433 in French Ivory, because it isn't as bold as plain white nail polish.

Using a nail art brush paint a heart using the red you painted your nails with, in the middle of the unpainted nails just above the french tip.

The french tip shouldn't be dry at this stage because it takes an hour for nail polish to dry, so this allows you to pat on glitter onto the french tip.

Lastly, add a super shiny top coat, I usually paint two coats of Rimmel's Pro Super Wear, for good measure.
I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, and will have an even better week ahead.

Bye Bye~!

Death test week resurrection

Friday, 27 May 2011  at 9:27 pm

My lovely readers, I have returned from the undead. Test week absolutely and whole-heartedly thrashed me. Literally. Some of the tests were, "yes, yes, it was okay" others were just ".....no comment, I just hope I passed". All I can hope for now is too pass. Unfortunately I have brought nothing with me today to share, but tomorrow I will definitely have something. So, please wait until then, my lovely readers.

Bye bye~!

When all else fails, smile.

Sunday, 22 May 2011  at 2:01 pm

Just about to get ready to go for tutoring, yeah, I'm so diligent I have tutoring on a Sunday, aren't I lucky? Anyway, I've noticed that whenever I can't answer a question ESPECIALLY in my tutoring class, I just smile. I don't even notice it until my tutor starts looking at me weirdly. It's embarrassing, whenever I don't understand someone I smile and say yes, emphatically. If I don't want something I smile, I basically smile for everything. Its strange. Anyway, my lovely readers, I have brought with me today a, NOTD and a Fashion Haul. I haven't finished writing my class tests but I'm taking a break for now. This week will be....the hardest week of my life. I write everyday starting from this week.


Sally Hansen Double duty, used as a base coat, two coats of this stops staining.

First base coat, I applied two coats of this.

After applying the second coat of Charlie's Day Dreamer, apply purple glitter.

After applying the purple glitter add silver glitter, to make things easier, I mixed the purple glitter and silver glitter together so you get a somewhat evenly distributed mixture, and then you can apply it to your nails.

Wait for all the layers to dry and add two coats of a shiny topcoat.
Fashion Haul:

Bought this Grey billowy top from Woolworth's, I thought this top was on sale, but apparently it wasn't, I bought it for 199 zar($28.79). I love the airy and light material on the chest area.

I bought this lariat type necklace at Diva, this was fortunately on sale. 

From 110 zar($15.91) to 75 zar(10.85).
So, I'll be on my way to tutor classes, at least my tutor has a good looking son that can distract me (laughs).

Bye Bye~!

Of voting tents, Fashion Hauls and all things studying~

Wednesday, 18 May 2011  at 2:45 pm

Finally, a morning greeting. So, today, it's voting down here, municipal elections. It's pretty lame, everyone wants me to vote, but frankly I don't see the point. It never made a difference before, why will it make a difference now? Anyway, next week, is my big test week, sucks. So. I'll be studying all the way to next week so to speak. As promised in last nights post, well I didn't really promise, but I have a Fashion Haul, NOFTD and wait for it...an OFTD~! Whoop whoop.

Fashion Haul:

I bought a pair of dark wash Woolworth's skinny jeans, they fit like jeggings that's why I bought them. Jeggings usually don't fit me all the way down the leg. The thigh part would be super comfortable and fit properly, but the calf area wouldn't be tight at all. It just looks stupid. These seem to at least fit tightly all the way down. I bought these lovelies for 250 zar($36).

I love, love this top. It reminds me of a babydoll top. It's just too cute. It flairs at the bottom and has pleats on the chest area. I bought this top at the Levi's discount store for 299 zar($43). I didn't realise until I bought this top, that the sizes we stock down here are much smaller than U.S sizes. Usually, I would buy a small which is a U.S extra small, but they ran out of smalls so I settled for a medium.

My mom spotted this tankie in the store, it fits perfectly underneath the babydoll top. 

I love the red bow, makes it girly.

The red stitching reminded me of a zip.

Honestly, I won't lie, but I didn't know that Toblerone came in white chocolate, usually down here it only comes in milk chocolate, and I hate milk chocolate. It cost 30.90 zar($4.45) to buy the Toblerone. It tastes great, but the down side is, I had to travel all the way to a specialty shop, on the other side of the world to buy it. So, I don't buy it on a regular basis.

These are line pegs. They were so cute, little teddy bears, I bought this at the specialty shop as well. They had all different sorts of cute pegs, such as emoticons and fairies. It cost me 11.95 zar($1.72).

Currently, I'm wearing this nailpolish now, it says that its quick drying, but I've already smudged my nails already. It's a sort of aqua color, close to turquoise but not quite turquoise. I'll upload a NOFTD to show you lovely readers what it looks like.


  • Sally Hansen Double Duty as a base coat
  • Essie Vanity Fairest 505 as the first layer
  • Charlie from Revlon, Rare Find 607 as the diagonal stripe
  • Charlie from Revlon, Sugar & Spice 606 as the triangle
  • And my nail art glitter pen used as a highlight 

  • Black heart pendant-Diva
  • Little robot-Edgars 
  • White top-Woolworth's
  • Grey blazer-Edgars 

  • Black  military boots-Rage
  • Blue dark wash jeans-Woolworth's 

So, that is my haul, I hope all of you have enjoyed this post update, and I need to get ready to go vote (laughs).

Bye Bye~!

My skin care routine~

Tuesday, 17 May 2011  at 8:52 pm

Lately, I don't why, but I've been waking up in the middle of the night, feeling absolutely awful. I think it's stress, university is slowly killing me. But, enough of that, as the title states, I am going to share my skin care routine with my lovely readers today.

I use Clinique's three step skin care system for dry combination skin, rose water and Drammatic Result Youth Gel.

This is a normal face wash, this skin care range is made for sensitive skin, so that's a plus for me, because I break out if I wash or put anything on my face that contains perfume. It doesn't burn your eyes if you happen to get some of the face wash in your eyes, so it is really mild. I find that after I wash my skin with this it leaves it much cleaner? I've used many skin care products in the past and this face wash, seems to clean my skin the best.
The clarifying lotion is a normal toner. Other toner's tend to leave your skin feeling tight and taught and this one doesn't do that. It doesn't make your skin feel tight or taught.

I use rose water after I clense my face because I read somewhere, that if you have acne problems, you should use rose water to disinfect your face. It works for me, and it prevents my T-zone from getting oilier faster.
I apply this Dramatic Results Youth Gel after I disinfect my face because, this gel works best, at it's absolute best actually when your skin is absolutely clean. I noticed in the past that whenever I didn't wash my face properly, the gel wouldn't work as well. The women who sells this product says that it can't penetrate the pores, when the skin isn't clean enough. They actually use this gel in hospitals on burn patients to make the scarring of the skin less. I must say but this is the only product that I have encountered that has fulfilled its task. If, say you have a pimple, but it's one of those pimples you know is going to turn into a ugly red inflamed pimple, then you apply this gel and by tomorrow the swelling and redness is gone. The skin on my face scars very easily, I use to have ugly mosquito bites on my face and after a few weeks the marks that were on my face that were left by the mosquito bites, were considerably lighter and you could hardly see it. The company Avroy Shlain manufactures this product and it costs around 399 zar($57). 

After I apply my miracle gel, I apple the third step of the Clinique skin care system, which is the moisturizing lotion. I don't really like the moisturizing lotion, I feel that it makes my skin get oilier faster, the other sown side is, it doesn't have any SPF in it, so you have to apply your sunscreen protector on afterwards. The one highlight of it though is,it doesn't make your skin feel heavy, or like it's being weighed down.
I hope this post was informing for all of my readers. I might post a Fashion Haul and a NOFTD, so please wait until then.

Bye Bye