Review| Bornprettystore [Luminous polish]

Wednesday, 12 December 2012  at 2:11 pm

Afternoon Lovelies!

I have another fun and interesting review from Bornprettystore! I was gifted the Luminous nailpolish from Bornprettystore. At first I was excited because down here there are no glow in the dark nailpolishes, and receiving products that haven't yet been shipped to my country are always fun to receive. My excitement faltered a bit when I realized the challenges that faced my camera man (my brother) when taking the pictures, because the effect of the nailpolish is best seen at night, of course the pictures could only be taken at night. My brothers 18-55mm lens struggled a bit to capture the images and because the effect literally only lasts for a few seconds, you have to work extremely fast! The Luminous nailpolish can be bought here along with various other nail art. 

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The luminous nailpolish works on the same principle as the "Magic magnetic nailpolish" I reviewed here. The particles within the nailpolish are responsible for the luminous green glow that's seen in hopefully all of the pictures to follow below.


  1. The luminous effect of the nailpolish is eye catching and seeing your nails light up at night puts a smile on my face every time!
  2. The formula is thick and easy to work with, because the formula is so thick it picks up more of the particles and allows for more of that pretty luminous glow
  3. When layered over nail art it shows off the design of the nail art beautifully 


  1. It takes 1-2 minutes for the luminous glow to wear off
  2. To "experience" the full effect of the luminous glow a UV light bulb has to be used such as a torch or lamp, or, natural sunlight will work well too. The time it takes for the particles to re-energize themselves takes about 1-2 minutes as well. The reason why this is a con because I believe the time it takes for the particles to re-energize themselves and start glowing shouldn't be the same amount of time. I would have liked for the polish to have maintained its strong glow for a longer period of time
  3. When the polish is layered over white nailpolish, it adds a orange tinge to it, for some that may be a nice effect but I don't particularly like it. I prefer my nailpolish to be the same color as how I applied it
  4. It's tricky to work with if you don't have a top notch camera (not bad mouthing the D3100 here) because the luminous glow is hard to pick up under very dark lighting that's why glow sticks were used in my pictures 

And finally a question for my lovelies-In my upcoming tutorial, what type of aspects would you like me to address? Such as would you like a more general tutorial, on how I applied my nailpolish what nail base did I use or if I used a topcoat or not? Or how did I create my nail art and what equipment did I use. Or a more informative review on the wearability, cost, durability, my overall impression on the product, the camera settings used and any tips I have to give out.

Till the next post!

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Random| Packaging

Saturday, 8 December 2012  at 9:36 pm

It's so unbearably HOT down here...I wish I had a cold, snowy Christmas...but anyway! That's not what this post is about, I bought a new black nail polish from Revlon a few months. To my surprise the formula, shelf life and viscosity had all been improved. The previous black nail polish that I had bought from Revlon "black lace" had developed an increased viscosity and the formula started becoming thick and difficult to apply. So, off I went to the local drug store to buy another bottle, unbeknownst to me that I was buying an improved version of the "black lingerie" version. This might not pose a problem to some, but to me I hate it when companies decide to improve something without giving notice. It was exactly the same 15ml bottle, just with a different name and improved formula. Could they not have stated "new and improved formula"? Moral of the story here? State, that it's "new and improved" nitpickers like me will appreciate it. On that note, I'd love to know what annoys you about companies?

Until we meet again!

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Lusts| Christmas Wishlist

Thursday, 6 December 2012  at 8:15 pm

Good news lovelies! I'm FINALLY a third year biochem and physiology majorette! *big cheer* Gosh, I worked so hard and my hard work payed off! I'm super happy! I decided to compile my Christmas Wishlist so that when I return to my hometown I know what to buy when I'm down there!

Tattoo pantyhose 

 No idea where I got these, so, credit goes to the owner of these images 

I could probably buy these anytime, when my country decides to import them, but for now, they're on my wishlist.

New earphones

No idea where I got this, so, credit goes to the owner of this image

Don't you just hate it when you have to bend your earphones to get sound in that one ear bud that just refuses to work? I have this problem now, and it's becoming a nuisance! I've always wanted beats and my mum said she would buy them for me if I passed second year....and I did. Beats please!

Canon EOS 5D

As you all know, I'm currently using my brothers Nikon D3100 to take all my pictures. It's such a hassle because a) he doesn't want me using his camera and b) I have to change to the zoom lens ALL the time without him knowing about it either *laughs* I would honestly, love, a new camera.

 A new backpack for university

I'm tired of walking around with a stupid Karrimor and since my mum is buying me a Windows 8 Tablet to take notes on, I want something more stylish and not so boring. I always believe that if you have nice things around you especially at university (pencil case, backpack, books, notepad) university will be a lot easier *laughs* I wouldn't mind a Hello Kitty backpack though.

Conch piercing

Taken from Hyuna's "Ice-cream" MV

Hyuna, definitely inspired me to get my second piercing and now my conch piercing which I'm going to get next week Friday *big cheers all around*

External hard-drive

I'm tired of using DVD's to store all my things on, I'm hoping my brother will buy it for me *fingers crossed*

Windows 8 tablet

This speaks for itself, it's complete awesomness!

[*as a side note]

White tattoo

I have no idea how this is done, but, it looks pretty nice.

I'd love to hear from all my lovelies what your Christmas Wishlist is, or what you have in mind.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!

Until we meet again!

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Haul| Pants, shoes & Tops

Monday, 3 December 2012  at 8:51 pm

I swear, I'm getting so tired lately and I have no idea why because, my days consist of watching tv, watching anime and talking online. One thing I hate about talking to people online, is they feel that if they respond 30 minutes late it's acceptable. I swear, if I could shove my foot up their ass through the dam phone I would, but I wouldn't even want to shove my foot up their ass because it'll be dirty. I'd rather shove it in their face and kick half their teeth out. I HATE people that respond late and take their time to respond. But, then again I virtually have no patience for anything and I get angry very quickly, didn't I just inherit the worst traits from my mother *laughs* Of all the traits I inherited I had to inherit, no patience, a slow pace, getting angry very quickly and being a miser with my own money but not towards other peoples money *laughs*

*bought all these items on sale

Excuse the plasters on my toes *laughs* but I wore a pair of shoes that I presumed I had "broken" into already, but apparently I didn't, I had blisters on ALL my toes, it was so painful!

I thought these floral pants would be too loud, but surprisingly they aren't at all because of the black as the base color.

I absolutely LOVE these ribbed skirts! They pull in my hips.

For some reason when I tried on this skirt again, it was too tight around my butt area, but I think it's because when I took these pics my weight was at its lowest and now I'm too fat to fit into it *sob*

I've been waiting for AGES for a blazer to be on sale! Luckily this one was and! I love the fit of it.

I apologize for the stupid two part body shot but I was balancing the camera on my bed so it wasn't high enough to take a full body shot and besides I don't own a tripod stand, oh how I wish I did.

I'm trying to transition myself into wearing heels, so I thought these would be a pretty good start but for some reason they're so awkward to walk in. I struggle to balance in them and I feel so stupid wearing them but they do look great, I'm just waiting for the opportunity to wear them at a special event!

I hope everyone is having a some what pleasant working week so far!

Until we meet again!

Bye Bye!