Saturday, 7 May 2011  at 7:29 pm

Apparently, I'm meant to study instantaneous speed and average gradient...dam, I forgot about that stuff in High school (Senior High in America). Anyway, I suspect that I am completely fudged for my calculus test on Friday. I know what to do that's all good, but I get the wrong answer...great. Enough about that, I have a Fashion Haul waiting to be uploaded, I'll probably upload that tomorrow, if I have time. For, now, I am only able to upload a NOTD and OFTD. University has been super hectic and the work is getting tougher, so, updates will be far and few in between.


I bought this cirus nail polish color at Foshini for 15.95 zar ($2.37). I love pastel colors so this did the trick to satisfy my hunger for pastel.

I apologize for the mundane quality of these pictures. I switched between my phone camera and my brothers phone camera to take these pictures. I forgot to charge the battery of my camera...what a fail. There was also a thunderstorm brewing when I took the pictures of my outfit so the lighting was terrible~!
  1. Top-Woolworth's
  2. Dark washed denim jeans-Levi's discount store
  3. military boots-Rage
  4. Extra long scarf-Woolworth's  

Hopefully, I will figure out what's going on with my calculus and upload more tomorrow.
Bye Bye~ 

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