Friday, 29 April 2011  at 6:38 pm

Wow, I'm for once living up to my promise, I'm actually posting twice in one day. Anyway, onto what my readers really want to see, but before I get to that. These OFTD and NOTD I don't exactly remember what day I wore it or how long ago I wore it, just giving a heads up. Onto the piccu's:

  • orange sweater-Trueworths
  • plaid skirt-Foschini
  • military boots-rage 
  • black tights-woolworths 

  • denim skirt-can't remember
  • boot socks-woolworths
  • military boots-rage
  • grey knit sweater-foschini
  • extra long black scarf-woolworths 

  • black dress-trueworths
  • grey jersey-trueworths
  • satchel handbag-got it from my mums friend
  • necklace-diva (i wore the necklace with the black pendant)
  • black tights-woolworths 
Now that I look at it, I didn't go out much...it felt like I did though. I just realized that most of my clothing is bought from Trueworths, truth be told they are the only shop that sells small sizes that fit properly all the other shops, their smalls are either too big or ill fitting on me.


If I make these x-large it just messes up my format, so I apologize for the small pics in future I'll combine them linearly rather than in box form.

This really has a fruity smell to it, I have the strawberry fizz which of course smells like strawberries and the lemon smelling one...I can't actually find the bottle right at this moment, but it smells like lemons.
So, that is officially the end of my two part blog post, I hope all of you out there have gained something from this, whether it be what nail polish to buy or what nail art to do, its something gained.
I will definitely be updating tomorrow because I'm visiting my cheapzo warehouse store tomorrow ^^. Yosh.

Till then.
Bye Bye.

I'm back~! Part two

  at 10:24 am

So, I've been missing for past week due to some technical difficulties *cough* my dumbass brother used all the bandwidth, spent it I tell you, spent it~! Anyway, so while I was away...went more shopping, I'll probably have to upload in two separate parts. Part one will be fashion haul and part two will be OFTD and NOTD. Not much has been happening in my life, besides getting creepy nightmares that's about it.

Onto the fashion haul:

This top was actually a waste of pure good money. I don't really like it to be honest. It looks great with a denim skirt or black skinnies, but, it's just not for me. ($42.26)

I have officially found my absolute fav pair of socks~! I usually don't wear socks, I hate them, I feel like socks restrict me, but these, these are just perfect. I love the fact that if you wear a skirt or even a dress it peeks just above my military style boots. Love, love. ($6)

The material of this top is really floppy. It's not stiff so it doesn't hug your curves. This top cost me R180 ($27.17)

I don't know if there is a diva store overseas but...there's one here *laughs* They sell similar items of accessories like accesorize. They sell accessories for any type of outfit and occasion. I love that shop. There prices are a bit steep, so I only buy there when they're having a sale. The bow earrings were $4, the bracelet with the peace symbol was $2, the necklace with the pendant was $11, the necklace with the two birds and a heart attached at the bottom was $4 and lastly the little robot man was $4. So, in total I spent $25 which is equivalent to R165. That's a lot down here to pay just for jewelery.
Besides the fact that I've been shopping like crazy, I'm going back to uni next week Tuesday *cue sobbing sounds now* so I probably won't update as much, I'll try before the hollies end to update as much as I can, so expect an update later today.

For now.
Bye Bye.

I'm back~!

Sunday, 24 April 2011  at 1:34 pm

Why have I been missing for so long you ask? Well, actually while I was doing my online assignments (dam, them) I ran out of bandwidth. (laughs) Was a bit bittersweet, because for one I couldn't complete my online assignments and two, I couldn't update my blooming blog. So, while I was missing, I went shopping. I wanted to buy a black skirt, but for some unknown reason, there wasn't one black skirt in stock. This place is useless. Then I went shopping for a black blazer, and to no surprise I couldn't find one. On the other hand I finally found a pair of military style boots, I love love them. Despite the items I couldn't find I of course managed to grab something with my manicured nails. No store is left untouched when I'm in it. Especially clothes stores.

Fashion Haul:

Aren't they just pwetty? They just scream military

Near the top of the shoe there are thin leather bits. The boots cost me $48, and I bought them at Rage for Stuttafords.
I bought another cropped jersey top. I have a grey cropped jersey similar to this. I bought this for R260 ($39) at Foschini.

Closer look at the pattern on the arms and chest area of the jersey.

I needed a jersey top to match my pleated skirt that I bought in my previous fashion haul, I settled for this orange jersey top because its quite long and when I wear the pleats of the skirt peak out at the bottom. I bought this jersey at Trueworths.

Closer look at the pattern on the arms and chest area on the jersey.

Instead of settling on just the orange jersey to wear with my skirt, I decided to buy this black top to wear with it as well. The top makes the skirt look less child-like, since its easy for me to look young, I bought this top to look a bit more my age.

I love the detailing on the arms, it gives the impression of shoulder pads.

$39, I bought the top at Trueworths.


You can't really see the name of the naipolish color I used, but it's called Stardust-colours extreme. For my thumb I used Rock road glitter-tip top

pleated skirt with a basic black tank top and short black jersey.

I took these in a changing room so the quality is too wonderful.
I wish everyone a good Easter~!

Bye Bye~

On holiday, but still stressed out~

Tuesday, 19 April 2011  at 11:43 am

So, I've been on holiday since last week Friday, and yet the thought of returning to uni plaques my thoughts. Uni, is like a bully continually spewing lewd remarks at you. I hate that place. Instead of completing my assignments like the dilligent student I am, I'm blogging instead (laughs). It's been raining the past couple of days, not that I'm complaining, its just, you can't really take pics of OFTD's with rainy weather, but despite that~! I still managed to take an OFTD pic. I'm a ninja.


I absolutely adore my baseball imitation jacket.

Baseball jacket: Foschini R300 ($44)

Off the shoulder top cropped above the curvaceous hips: Woolworths R199 ($29)
Closer look at the design on top.
Mini Mini Haul~

I decided to buy a plaid flowery skirt, purely because I didn't have a skirt like this in my closet. My mum was also willing to buy it so 10 brownie pints for that.

R280 ($41)
I will probably buy my ankle boots this weekend, we'll see what happens.

Bye Bye~

OFTD, Fashion Haul AND NOTD~!

Sunday, 17 April 2011  at 8:20 pm

I just realized that I should probably list where I bought my items of clothing...what a fail. Anyway, so from now on, I will state where I buy my items of awesomeness. Has anyone heard Dal Shabet-Pink rocket album? Mini album? I'm currently listening to it, so far I'm quite impressed, all their songs are fun and happy, that's what I like to hear. I think this is the first post where I have a OFTD, Fashion Haul and a NOTD (Nail Of The Day). I've been buying alot lately, I went shopping today, no surprise there, I shop almost everyday. I went shopping for black ankle boots, but ended up buying a baseball type jacket, a cropped shirt and a skirt. So much for the ankle boot idea. I'll upload today's fashion haul tomorrow. I'll probably buy the ankle boots next weekend. So, lets start with the fashion haul first:

carnival of color was R159 ($23) and was marked down to R99 ($15) what a bargain. Considering I can use almost all of the colors, it was a good deal.

The rare find and day dreamer are solid colors, the rosy suntan and cinnamon fling are sparkly colors, I don't really like those two. I prefer solid colors over sparkly ones. 

The rocky road glitter cost me R39 ($6) I needed a glitter nail polish that had big bits of glitter in it, so I'm happy I bought this one.  
NOTD~! Pay no mind to my cuticles, yea, they don't look too well. So, I used rare find, rocky road glitter and sugar and spice. I used all Charlie nail polishes to create this NOTD.  
Checkered dress? Shirt? I can wear it as either since I'm short, yay me. But, my mum won't allow me to wear it as a dress, boo hoo. If I pair it with a pair of really thick tights I just might get away with wearing it as a dress. Can you see the trend? All my dresses flair out at the bottom, helps with the pear shape figure I have.

I bought the dress and my other items of clothing that are featured at Truworths. The store was having a "real sale" yea, that's what they called it, the dress, was marked down from R340 ($50) to R230 ($34).

I've really developed an obsession with short jerseys. It isn't pictured here, but I have a dark green jersey in exactly the same style as the one above. The reason I love short jerseys, you can easily layer items of clothing underneath and you can wear it with a skirt and not look clumsy.

I bought this jersey on sale too, there was initially no smalls on  the racks, one of the mannequins in the store had the jersey on and it happened to be a small, so...I asked the shop assistant if I could take it off the mannequin. The things I do to get the items of clothing I want. I can't exactly remember the marked down price but I'm guessing it was marked down to R230 ($34) the same price as the dress/shirt.

I finally, finally found a floppy type skirt that hides my hips~! The trick with this dress is the amount of layers it has. It has 2 layers and they're thick, so instead of flowing over your hips, it kinda drops down heavily onto them. I'm bad at describing the effect it creates, when I get a chance to wear it, you'll see what I mean. So, this is layer one.

And this layer two. The dress looks Grey in this pic, but it's actually a light brown color.

I love the satin detail. It adds a flirty and girly touch to the skirt.

I tried on this skirt before when it was full priced at R299 ($45) but my mum wouldn't buy it then. So, I was ecstatic when I found it on sale for only R199 ($29).
And finally onto the OFTD:

  • Blue jersey: Mango
  • White tank top: Trueworths
  • Black skinnies: Trueworths
  • Purple Bag: Ginger Mary (Trueworths)
  • Black boots: Luella
  • Necklace: Accesorize 

Closer look at the necklace. I love this necklace, looks rustic and old.
Wow, that was a long post, I hope all of you have enjoyed this read. Until my next post~

Bye Bye~

OFTD and Fashion Haul

Saturday, 16 April 2011  at 4:22 pm

As I said earlier, I promised that I would upload pic's of my previous haul, I know I'm really late, but I'm finally on holiday now, so I'll try to blog everyday. Yea, we'll see how that goes. Anyway, since I'm so overdue, I have a OFTD, just to satisfy my dear readers~!

It seems I have developed a liking for short jerseys, honestly is it not bad enough that I'm short already~! Anyway, for anyone who has curvaceous hips and is short. Short jerseys cut just above the curve of the hip and therefore create the illusion of no hips.

My beloved winter dress. This is the first of it's kind in my closet. I could never wear knit dresses because most of them are cut straight down, so they only fit on women that have no hips. But, I'm proud to say I FINALLY found one that wasn't cut straight, it actually flairs at the bottom~! I was surprised to see this on the rack, normally clothes cater for one type of body type. The flair cut at the bottom of the dress accommodates the curve of the hip and flows with the curve of the hip, creating a streamlined look.
I love the lace detail at the chest area and the flower print? I don't know if that's a flower print.  
Simple outfit. Knit jersey, cropped above the waistline and blue skinnies.
I would have updated earlier, but while I was typing I ran out of bandwidth, so I had to re-write everything....always me. Anyway, went shopping today, fashion haul pic's tomorrow.

Bye Bye~

Meant to be doing my chemistry assignment~!

Monday, 11 April 2011  at 6:38 pm
Good evening~!

Honestly, what's with all these dam online assignments? They aren't exactly easy thats why I'm complaining. Anyway, I only have 4 days of university left, oh yeeaahh, but considering all the work I have to get done before the hollies enrapture me in their warmth, its not so much of a yeeaahh anymore. More like a uhuh, yeah. Who has heard mirror mirror by 4 minute? It's so good~! At first, honestly I hated it, I only liked the intro of the song, but it grew on me, unlike most of 4 minutes songs, I usually like them from the word play. Currently, I'm listening to Brave Girls-The difference, they're also good, "so sexy" is their best track by far. So, I was stalking http://fuckyeahtvxqmacros.tumblr.com/page/2 as usual and stumbled upon this.

His expression is priceless, the text should have said, "bitch, oh no you didn't"   
I was meant to upload my previous fashion haul, but I will do that tomorrow, hang on until then, okay? Until then~

Bye Bye~