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Wednesday, 18 May 2011  at 2:45 pm

Finally, a morning greeting. So, today, it's voting down here, municipal elections. It's pretty lame, everyone wants me to vote, but frankly I don't see the point. It never made a difference before, why will it make a difference now? Anyway, next week, is my big test week, sucks. So. I'll be studying all the way to next week so to speak. As promised in last nights post, well I didn't really promise, but I have a Fashion Haul, NOFTD and wait for it...an OFTD~! Whoop whoop.

Fashion Haul:

I bought a pair of dark wash Woolworth's skinny jeans, they fit like jeggings that's why I bought them. Jeggings usually don't fit me all the way down the leg. The thigh part would be super comfortable and fit properly, but the calf area wouldn't be tight at all. It just looks stupid. These seem to at least fit tightly all the way down. I bought these lovelies for 250 zar($36).

I love, love this top. It reminds me of a babydoll top. It's just too cute. It flairs at the bottom and has pleats on the chest area. I bought this top at the Levi's discount store for 299 zar($43). I didn't realise until I bought this top, that the sizes we stock down here are much smaller than U.S sizes. Usually, I would buy a small which is a U.S extra small, but they ran out of smalls so I settled for a medium.

My mom spotted this tankie in the store, it fits perfectly underneath the babydoll top. 

I love the red bow, makes it girly.

The red stitching reminded me of a zip.

Honestly, I won't lie, but I didn't know that Toblerone came in white chocolate, usually down here it only comes in milk chocolate, and I hate milk chocolate. It cost 30.90 zar($4.45) to buy the Toblerone. It tastes great, but the down side is, I had to travel all the way to a specialty shop, on the other side of the world to buy it. So, I don't buy it on a regular basis.

These are line pegs. They were so cute, little teddy bears, I bought this at the specialty shop as well. They had all different sorts of cute pegs, such as emoticons and fairies. It cost me 11.95 zar($1.72).

Currently, I'm wearing this nailpolish now, it says that its quick drying, but I've already smudged my nails already. It's a sort of aqua color, close to turquoise but not quite turquoise. I'll upload a NOFTD to show you lovely readers what it looks like.


  • Sally Hansen Double Duty as a base coat
  • Essie Vanity Fairest 505 as the first layer
  • Charlie from Revlon, Rare Find 607 as the diagonal stripe
  • Charlie from Revlon, Sugar & Spice 606 as the triangle
  • And my nail art glitter pen used as a highlight 

  • Black heart pendant-Diva
  • Little robot-Edgars 
  • White top-Woolworth's
  • Grey blazer-Edgars 

  • Black  military boots-Rage
  • Blue dark wash jeans-Woolworth's 

So, that is my haul, I hope all of you have enjoyed this post update, and I need to get ready to go vote (laughs).

Bye Bye~!

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