Review| Clinique's Chubby Stick Intense in "Mightiest Maraschino"

Sunday, 8 June 2014  at 4:24 pm

How is everyone doing? I hope you're all healthy and doing well! Like I said, I would be back on the 6th of June and I am promptly...2 days late as always. *laughs* I know that today's review is of a super old lip product (well in my books it is) but I only managed to pick it up just the other day. Which is probably due to the fact that I've been obsessed with Revlon's lacquer balms! With that being said, I'm pretty disappointed with Clinique's Intense chubby stick. I had high hopes for it, since Clinique was the brand that got me hooked on chubby sticks! Oh well, read on to find out more! :)

As I've mentioned before in previous posts and I'm sure you guys are sick of reading this, but my lips are prone to getting dry and they decide to chap when they feel like it. The minute I applied Clinique's Intense chubby stick onto my lips, there was a bit of traction with the lip product and my lips. Sure, this happens with all lip products, but when I swatched Revlon's lacquer balm onto my lips I had very minimal traction occurring. With that being said, the wear time of this Chubby stick is a good 3+ hours surprisingly! But be aware, for anyone who has dual toned lips like me, after 3+ hours the color will start fading and become splotchy.

I'm sure you can see from the pictures, but "Mightiest Maraschino" is a really bright happy red shade. Which is what drew me to purchase it initially. I tried applying lip gloss over the initial swatch, because it tends to set as a matte finish instead of a glossy shine like the lacquer balms. I know that the lacquer balms are meant to be glossy, but the intense chubby stick isn't meant to set to a dull matte really put me off. After applying lip gloss, it started bleeding into the lines of my lips and it looked horrid! I immediately took it off my lips!

The only reason Clinique got me hooked on chubby sticks in the first place was the ingenious idea of incorporating the idea of a crayon and a lip balm and lipstick in one product! Need I say there was no other reason, besides that one *laughs* "Mightiest Maraschino" doesn't compare to Revlon's Lacquer balm in Provocateur! Not only are the lacquer balms super hydrating, their pigmented richness stays put on your lips for hours and doesn't become splotchy. Although there are times when my lips feel dry with the lacquer balm applied, an extra coat of the lacquer balm returns them back to their hydrated state. So not only is the Intense chubby stick splotchy after a while, it doesn't offer the same hydrating effect as the lacquer balms and it tends to set as a matte finish which looks dull after a while.

I would have to say that this is the first lip product that puts me off completely from ever buying another Clinique chubby stick again! For anyone that would like to test run this product and see for themselves how bleh it is, I bought mine at Edgar's for plus minus 129zar::$12.18.

I hope this review was somewhat helpful!
Till we meet again!
Bye Bye! :)


  1. Awwies, I'm sorry to hear the chubby stick didn't work well for you :c
    I do think this color looks great on you c: Xx