Review| TopShop Lip Marker "Berry"

Sunday, 28 July 2013  at 1:34 am
Morning Lovelies!

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it on my blog, but I have an absolute obsession with lip stains and lipstick. Although I don't wear make-up, my mother reinvigorated my love again for lip products when she directed me to the make-up section in TopShop. As all of you know (hopefully) I have dual toned lips, and it's a nightmare for me to have to shop for lipstick or anything that has to put pigment on your lips, because it doesn't show up on my lips! When I realized that lip stains actually had enough pigment in them to mask my dual toned lips, I was beyond thrilled and so this post was born to share my excitement *laughs* I chose the color "berry" because it suites my warmer skin tone better. The only gripe I have with the lip stain is the massive drying effect it has on my lips, if I happen to forget to moisturize before hand (I use Vaseline intense moisturize) my lips are dry and flaky at the end of the day. But besides that little hiccup, I'll definitely buy it again!

When I put on this lip marker/stain it makes me so happy to see my dual toned lips disappear behind a flourish of berry pigment! Not only does it look great and add that, I just sucked on  a lollipop look, I also get compliments on it when I wear it! I love that it's wearable for the entire day, it doesn't come off even after eating and drinking. After you've eaten or drank it leaves a gradient effect on your lips which looks just as good! 

I hope I've sufficiently persuade some of you lovelies to take a look at TopShop's lip marker *laughs*!

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Life| Glasses (Nerd alert ahead, jk)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013  at 9:30 pm
Evening Lovelies!

I hope everyone's been having a good week so far. I'm finding it harder and harder to stay strong and positive when I go to uni these days to be honest. Everyday is just such a drag! I don't see the light anywhere right now and I'm hoping to see it soon (hopefully)! Well, during the holidays, since I was complaining so much about not seeing on the board during class, the mother decided to take me for an eye test. I knew I was going to need glasses since both my parents wear glasses (ugh, I was doomed from the start). But anyway, I had to get glasses and on top of that was told my eye-sight would get progressively worse over time. I'm kind of ok with that, it's just putting on, taking off after class, putting back on during class is a hassle. I got the usual square-ish frame. Since I have a small face it was hard to try and find frames that wouldn't swamp my face. So, I'd like to know from my lovely dears, are the glasses a yay or nay? ^_^

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Haul| Warm Beanies & Shoes

Saturday, 20 July 2013  at 6:43 pm
Evening Lovelies!

This will be a quick update on what's happening in my life so far: 1. I'm still alive (thankfully!), 2. uni has swamped me with studying and assignments (and it's only been one week into uni!) 3. My plans to go to China have changed since my mother now wants to go to Paris and 4. I can't seem to keep a mani on my nails for more than 24 hours *laughs*
::Trueworth's & Luella::

 ::TopShop & Edgar's::

I hope you enjoyed this post!
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OFTD| Birthday Outfit

Saturday, 13 July 2013  at 5:37 pm
Afternoon Lovelies!

Happy Birthday to me!

Award| Liebster

Friday, 12 July 2013  at 12:14 am

Evening Lovelies!
I was nominated by Bella and Whizzer's Rose for the Liebster Award! This is my second time being nominated and I'm pretty thrilled that I get nominated for these awards! A little recognition for someone's blog goes a long way. Instead of nominating anyone, since I'm not going to follow the usual ritual of inventing imaginative questions for other fellow bloggers, but instead, advertise bloggers that I believe deserve more followers than they have.

::Questions from Bella::
Your 3 Favourite blogger/youtuber?
Blogger: Bee from grey-skied sailing and beutifymeeh
Youtuber: ohhaiclaire
Do you wear contact lens? Which is your favorite?
Nope, I don't wear contact lenses, the thought of poking something into my eye and having to fish it out later at the end of the day turns me off.
What is your skincare routine every night?
I don't particularly have one, but I usually wash my face with Garnier's oil control complete deep clean face wash and moisturize with Garnier's oil control complete Vanishing Cream.
What is your current favorite lip product?
It definitely has to be Stilla's "Rendezvous" and TopShop's lip marker in "berry" which I'll upload the review to soon!
When did you start wearing make up?
Well if you consider lip stains as make-up then I started wearing make-up...a few months ago *laughs*
Ulzzang or Gyaru?
Ulzzang all the way!
What camera do you use for the blog?
I use a Nikon D3100.
What do you think is essential to make a good blog?
Well I'm not really one to take advice from since I've had two failed blog attempts. But what works for me is doing what you like and uploading it. 
Your 3 most played songs?
Girl's Day::Female President
Girl's Generation::Love&Girls
Rania::Pop Pop Pop 
What is your favorite color for clothes?
What aspect do you see from a good cafe?
A good cafe? Like...a cafe to drink at, right? Hmm...I don't go to cafe's at all so I wouldn't know.
::Questions from Whizzer's Rose:: 
If you were to choose only one (1) among these: A. IQ of a genius B. a bank account of  USD 1,000,000  or C. physical beauty -what would you choose?
Definitely A, since money doesn't last forever, physical beauty fades with time and right now the IQ of a genius seems pretty attractive since I'm a university student.
What made /urged you (to) put up a blog?
I genuinely love taking pictures of anything and everything so my blog is the outlet I run to, to upload pictures. I also love writing(an English degree was my back up plan in case I wasn't accepted for Biochemistry) and it is a means for me to relax and escape from stress.
Give me 5 countries/places you'd want to go to with no.1 as the place you really want to see soon?
What camera do use on your blog and if you can upgrade your camera soon, what model would it be?
I'm currently using a Nikon D3100, and upgrading soon isn't even an option, since I got it from my brother for my birthday and love it!
If you were to live the life of a fictional character for a week-who would you want to be?
Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball. 
If you were given any 3 things for free from a mall what would be those things?
Knuckle rings
A new Nikon 55mm f1.8 lense
What's the most humiliating experience you've ever had?
I've never been humiliated before and I'm thankful for that. If I had to choose the most embarrassing moment I've ever had that would have to be when I was in girl scouts *dork alert* I had to do a catering task. A women asked me if we had water and I said no because I was so overwhelmed.
If you were to spend one day with any real person living or dead would it be?
My mother.
Which blogs do you follow (give me 3)?
Scroll to the top
What is your dream job?
To be in charge of a well known pathology/biochem lab that has labs all over the continent that I can travel to constantly.
The most expensive thing you've ever bought?
My Versace glasses.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Till we meet again!
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Haul| Jo Borkett, Edgars, TopShop & Woolworth's

Saturday, 6 July 2013  at 6:54 pm
Evening Lovelies!

Anyone interested in a slice of life, funny, high-school anime about boys? Then check out!

I just finished watching it now actually, I haven't had a good laugh in a while and this really cheered me up, so if you have time, check it out!

As I'm sure everyone knows, down here in the South, things are getting cold! I took these pictures a while back during Fall or something...not quite sure. It's hard taking pictures now, any remnants of the sun's glow is soaked up by the camera. But those moments are few and very far in between. So, I hope you enjoy this post!

::Jo Borkett::




Till we meet again!
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Swatches| Stilla & Bloom

Wednesday, 3 July 2013  at 6:36 pm
Evening Lovelies!

I've jumped onto the lipstick lip stain bandwagon it seems. I'm tired of these multi-pigmented, don't what color they want to be lips. Ever since trying Stilla's "Rendezvous" I can't leave the house without it! I'm not going to delve into too much detail into these lip colors they're merely swatches for anyone who has the same problem as me. Let me say now that in no way do these lip colors show up with the same effect as someone who has a monotone even color pigment. Does that make sense? What I'm trying to say is, they won't mask the color of dual tone lips, they'll enhance the natural color of your lips. At least for me, that's what it does, phew that was intricate. I hope you enjoy the post!

Of course, Stilla's "Rendezvous" is the spotlight of this post. In person it is a plum verging on a deep red color. Since my lower lip is way lighter than my upper lip, the color shows up better on my bottom lip. I didn't use any lip concealer not because I don't want to, there just isn't any down here *laughs* As you can see the swatches that are on my arm look different than to the color I applied to my lips. But trust me if you have dual toned lips you can never go by a swatch on your arm because when applied it looks totally different. The only downfall of Stilla's longwear lip color is, if you suffer from dry lips like me, by the end of the day your lips will feel extremely uncomfortable. I try not to wear this for an entire day but when I do, I moisturize my lips intensely the night before to prevent any lines from showing. 

I'm not a fan of Stilla's "dolce" solely because it appears to nude on my lips. I'm the type of person that is so aware of the faults on my lips that I want to cover my insecurities with a lip color, hence why Rendezvous is my favorite color. Dolce is extremely pigmented! And I actually don't like how pigmented it is, when I apply it, it forms a weird line on my top lip so to prevent that I had to pair it with Bloom's "Nude" to counter act it. Dolce is also drying to the lips and I think both of them are because they're meant to stay on your lips for 8+ hours of the day. So, if you don't mind moisturizing your lips the night before, by all means these are perfect lip colors.

  • super pigmented
  • long lasting [I apply once or twice during the day]
  • wide variety of shades
  • if you suffer from dry lips, they'll dry them out even more
  • pricey [110zar::$10.90]
  • any flaky skin or lines will show up if you don't moisturize your lips properly
I know I said I wouldn't go in depth, but what's a lip swatch review without a bit of feedback, right?

Till we meet again!
Bye Bye!

Nail Art| Mint & Purple Gradient

Monday, 1 July 2013  at 9:36 am
Morning Lovelies!

How's everyone today? I'm just about to head out and pay for the deposit on my glasses *laughs* I recently went for an eye examination because I've been having trouble seeing far and the squinting and straining of my eyes, isn't doing my eyes any good besides make them super tired. I knew there was something wrong with my eyes I just didn't expect that I would need glasses, but oh well. According to what the optometrist told me, my eyesight is going to get worse over the next five years, but I won't be dependent on glasses since I'm near-sighted(Myopia). Honestly, I learn all these things in Physiology but it doesn't quite click with me when I have the problem *laughs* But anyway, enough about bad eyesight. I tried my hand again at a gradient and I was praying I would get a seamless transition from mint to purple, because those colors together are love! To my absolute joy, I managed to get it right! If you want to see my fail attempt at a previous gradient, click here! I hope you enjoy this post! 

I tried doing another gradient with three colors but that seems to be a bit tricky because the nailpolishes that I used bled into each other, when I get it right, I'll post it up right away!

Till we meet again!
Bye Bye!