I'm sorry my lovelies!

Sunday, 21 August 2011  at 8:50 pm

I'm sorry for the lack of updates my lovelies! Test week at university has been hectic and my love life hasn't been too wonderful. I still have two tests to write, then I have a break in September for a week, so hopefully things will settle down a bit, and I'll be able to organize my life and of course update more. Tonight I come with a quickie of a haul (laughs). My "photographer" of a brother had to take these pictures before I had to leave for tuition so we didn't have much time to play with. Hopefully this update will not disappoint my lovelies!

Stopped over at the Clinique counter and didn't realize that they were giving away a goodie bag. So, when I bought the 3 step skincare plan for 495 zar ($68.69) I received the goodie bag. I only realized after that in the goodie bag was a moisturizer that was already part of the 3 step skin care plan. Why would you want two helpings of moisturizer?

So, in the goodie bag was a dramatically different moisturizing lotion, color surge eye shadow super shimmer, superbalm moisturizing gloss, high lengths mascara, deep comfort hand and cuticle cream and youth surge SPF 15 age decelerating moisturizer. I only realized now that the youth surge moisturizer isn't featured, I forgot to get it back from my mum.

3 step skincare plan!

The color surge eye shadow super shimmer, is this dusky pink color, but when you apply it, it show up as a shimmer. I'm absolutely in love with this eye shadow, I don't use make-up so when I saw a shimmer in an eye shadow, I was blown away. This image doesn't give the shimmer of the eyeshadow credit, but in person, the shimmer is absolutely gorgeous!

Stopped over at Trueworths, I've been buying a lot from Trueworths lately, and these two tops aren't exactly a representation of what I've bought there. I'll try and upload the entire haul next weekend.

This top looks great tucked into a skirt, it immediately creates a streamlined look. I bought this for 150 zar ($20.81), original price 290 zar ($40.24).

This lovely cropped turquoise knitted sweater was 299 zar ($41.49). It looks great teamed with a great pair of skinny jeans.
I hope that all my lovelies will have a lovely working ahead! Hopefully I will be able to sort the problems plaguing my love life.

Till the next post!
Bye Bye!

Intense fashion haul

Sunday, 7 August 2011  at 7:03 pm

Tonight my lovelies I am absolutely overjoyed! Why you ask? I've actually managed to reach 1,002 page views! This might not seem like much, but to me it means a lot. I've come from a lineage of badly maintained blogs and have never managed to obtain over a 1,000 page views! My goal for this blog was to get to 1,000 page views when December hit, and I managed to obtain it before then. All my loyal readers and followers I love you all. Without my constant increase in page views I would've lost motivation to update this blog. So, because of you I continue to make this blog grow and flourish. So, onto some fun stuff. I've been shopping a lot lately, I have no idea why, you would think my bf would stop me from spending so much time in the shops (laughs). I apologize in advance but I bought these items over a course of two weeks and don't quite remember the prices of all the items, so please forgive me for that.

Blue skinny jeans: Trueworth’s 399 zar ($57.67)
Brown billowy top: Trueworth’s
Knit jersey: Trueworth’s
Tan colored boots: Rage

Cream top: Trueworths-LTD 299 zar ($43.22)
Skirt: Trueworth’s 199 zar ($28.76)
Cream colored gladiator sandals: Luella reduced from 399 zar($57.67) to 199 zar($28.76) to 149 zar($21.53)

Bought these at Luella for 299 zar ($43.22) original price 399 zar ($57.67).

Bought these at Luella too, these were reduced from 399 zar ($57.67) to 299 zar ($43.22) and then to 199 zar ($28.76).

I've been buying most of my shoes from Luella because they always have such great sales. Their shoes are good quality and last a long time, so they are definitely value for money.

I hope all my lovelies have enjoyed reading this post and will have a wonderful working ahead!

Bye Bye~

Final Claire's haul

Saturday, 6 August 2011  at 9:44 pm

My lovelies, so university life has taken a turn for the better! Surprise, surprise. (laughs). I've recently been taken off the singles bus, so university life looks so much brighter now! (laughs). Enough of that. So, it seems down here that most of the Claire's shops are closing down because they aren't making enough profit. I really loved the Claire's shops, they always offered something different and unique. They obviously had a closing down sale, you could buy ten items for 100 zar ($14.52), I of course took full advantage of this deal and of course bought myself ten cute items!

All the items posted were 10 zar ($1.45). I hope everyone has enjoyed reading this post! I hope everyone will have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow!

Until the next post

Bye Bye~