Sunday, 25 September 2011  at 2:29 pm

Finally, I'm updating in the afternoon and not in the evening. So, yesterday I went to Sandton mall. It's this kinda big-ish mall, down here. It's not that big, but there's a lot of hype about it. Malls don't really interest me anymore, only the clothes they have interest me. I think it's because I've almost been to every mall in my area, but, in my boyfriends area I haven't, but I'm slowly but surely scouting the area (laughs). I wish malls were wow worthy, in my opinion they're all the same, well down here they are. They all follow the same pattern, they have the usual low priced retail stores, some essential make-up stores and a few high-end boutiques. It's getting kinda boring. I think I need a change...like going overseas with my boyfriend! That would work just fine with me.

OFTD, rocking my boyfriends hoodie with my heart printed skirt!
I hope everyone will have a pleasant Sunday afternoon! This week will at least be exciting, besides the calculus test I have to write I get to spend time with my boyfriend after lectures (smile).

Till the next post

Bye Bye~!

Jay Jay's and Diva Haul

Sunday, 18 September 2011  at 10:11 pm

I've noticed now that I'm always updating at night. Oh, now I know why, during the day I'm not at home, because I'm shopping (laughs). So, as the title suggests I have a haul from two different shops and not just one. Need I remind you, my lovelies, most of the items I bought were on sale, I swear. The Diva store had a HUGE sale! And by huge I mean 75% and 25% off selected items, I couldn't pass up that! At Jay Jay's though, the items weren't on sale, I don't event think Jay Jay's have sales, but if they do I don't know about it. I actually had a fight with my boyfriend about my spending habits and such, but, I mean, if you buy items on sale...there's no fault in that. In any case I only buy so much clothing so that I can look good for him, but anyway. Onto the haul!

Please excuse the white background (my white linen, laughs) in the pictures, my garden was covered in poop! And I had no idea, so I had to move the haul inside the house, so I apologize if the pictures are poopy and crappy, I had to make do with what I had.

Let's begin!

I bought this floral top, at Edgar's, it's the only item besides the bag, shorts and gladiator sandals that hasn't been bought at the two shops as stated in my post. I have no idea how much this was. I bought this a week ago, I think, so  sort of lost the price tag (laughs).

Bought these beauties at Trueworth's for 340 zar ($45.49).

I love the colour of these denim shorts, I use to really love dark wash denim shorts, but I seem to be leaning more towards the lighter/faded wash of denim shorts. I bought these at Trueworth's for 320 zar ($42.82).

I bought the bag at Edgar's for 149 zar ($19.93), it was on sale, but I can't remember the original price. I wish the bag was made out of better quality material, bags like these tend to look tacky and old pretty quick if the material is dodgy.

Had to pick up some essentials, from left to right:
Sanitary hand wipes
Young solutions lip balm in mint
Smint mint and gum
Plus white oral rinse
Essence colour and go in #05 sweet as candy

All these items were bought at Jay Jay's.
High waisted skirt (on the left) 169 zar ($22.61)
Snake top 99.95 zar ($13.37)
Blue skirt (at the bottom) 169 zar ($22.61)

Black and white spotted top 129 zar ($17.26)
"where did you sleep last night" top 89.95 zar ($12.03)
Both tops were bought at Jay Jay's as well.

"say-panda" top 99.95 zar ($13.37)
I seemed to have lost the price tag for the orange top, so I don't have a price on that one, both tops were bought at Jay Jay's as well.

The price on the multicolored top on the left I have no price for, but I bought it at Jay Jay's.
The purple windbreaker? I don't know what to call it, I bought at Queenspark for 399 zar ($53.43), it was reduced twice! From 599 zar ($80.23) to 499 zar ($66.83) to the price I bought it for. I waited literally months for this to be reduced!

My diva haul! I don't have any prices for these items, I know the price tags are shown in the picture, but I'll update the prices of the items another day.

Alas, my week long holiday, comes to an end. It was seriously nice and seriously fun, only because someone made it fun for me (laughs). I hope everyone will have a good Monday tomorrow! I know I'll be struggling to wake up for uni tomorrow, oh joy.

Till the next post

Bye Bye!

Waiting at the train station

Saturday, 17 September 2011  at 6:59 pm

So, today I had the "privilege" of traveling by train to the mall (laughs). It wasn't just any normal train, it was a type of bullet train? Well, basically it is our version of the bullet train down here, it's called the Gautrain. My mum and I decided to use this bullet train because we had never been on it, and everyone we spoke to, gave it such raving reviews. At first I was pretty excited I won't lie, the area where you had to pay looked really nice, and by nice I mean clean and shiny. I have a fetish for clean and shiny places. We didn't have to wait long for the train to arrive, so that was all good. When we boarded the train and started departing from the station, that's when things didn't go so well for me. I got a bit of motion sickness, I don't know if that is meant to happen, or if you're even suppose to get motion sickness. I never get motion sickness, so I was surprised when I got it on the train! I felt ill the entire trip to the mall, and was dreading my departure back. Besides the motion sickness, our carriage seemed to be shaking a lot, I realize that it is traveling at a high speed, but I mean that much shaking? You could see how much it was shaking in the linkage between one carriage to another. That scared me a bit. But besides those two problems everything else was satisfactory. It was safe, there was security on the train and at the station and it does its job by getting you to your destination in time. It's a bit pricey though, for three people it was about 289 zar ($38.72) so it's about 100 zar ($13.39) per person. I of course, did some shopping, but not that much because we had to travel back by train. I'll upload the fashion haul tomorrow, but for now, here are some pictures I took. I apologize for the quality, I took it with my Samsung Galaxy and my brothers Nokia N8. Oh! before I end my post, the train is really nice if you travel it with someone close to your heart. I say that because there is always a train arriving and departing every few minutes. So, you don't have to worry if you're going to miss the train after a long day out. I think the last train is at 20:00, I know I definitely want to travel on it with my boyfriend. I love the atmosphere of waiting for a train at a train station. It reminds me of a shoujo manga (laughs).

One of the train stations. 


I love these jeans! I actually bought them on Thursday, they're so comfy and they fit tightly on my legs, so they were a keeper. I had to buy them. My boyfriend is going to kill me, he's sorta put me on a shopping ban. But these pants look so good!

Feeling comfy in my Luella sandals! 

I only did a bit of shopping.

This is the card that you are issued with, it lasts for up to 5 years.
I hope all my lovelies have had a wonderful Saturday! Sadly my break is coming to an end and updates will be far and few between, I apologize for that.

Till the next post.

Bye Bye!