Fashion haul?

Wednesday, 30 March 2011  at 7:32 pm

So~! Remember when I said that I had so many tests to write this week? Well yesterday, just before my last test which was today. I had a...breakdown? I just couldn't stop crying, I was so unsure about everything~! My course, my work...if I knew my work. Ugh, it was just one big mess. Honestly, uni is no joke~! It will own your ass, good and solid. Anyway~! Moving onto some piccu's. I recently went shopping at this value mart place, twas really nice, they sold lancome blush for almost next to nothing, bargain~! bargain~! bargain~! Onto the piccu's~!

I'm sorry, it's not rotated properly, im just too tired to do it now

I never use the blush brushes that come packaged with the blushes, they don't applicate the blush properly

oh, oh, oh, I love my Levi black high tops, I've wanted a pair of these for so long and I finally got them

The bear makes the bag seem less serious and adult like

This is the bag I had in my previous OFTD, I got it from one of my mums friend, viiiintage ^^

I'm meant to be studying~

Sunday, 27 March 2011  at 4:26 pm

Yup, so, I have so many tests this week....I should be studying for them, but alas, here I am, uploading an OFTD. (sigh). Oh, I just realized how in genius Levi jeans are. They make my curves look...acceptable, (ahaha).

Don't even ask about this pose...

closer look at my awesome curvaceous, figure hugging Levi's ^^

What the outfit looks like with no overthrow jersey.
So, I hope everyone had a good weekend and will have an even better, working week. =p

Nail art post~

Saturday, 26 March 2011  at 7:44 pm

lol...didn't edit this or the last one, twas too lazy too.

Death friday~

Friday, 25 March 2011  at 7:31 pm

SO~! I wrote a statistics test today, it was okay at first, really I knew what was going on, but then, WHABAM~! The last question K.O'ed me~! It didn't give me the raw data...I had to work it out....luckily I knew that I had to do that, my brain exceeded my expectations for once. I've been having problems logging into the uni's online education program....anyway, I don't care about it anyway. My math tutor, who happens to be a lecturer at a neighbouring university (kehe) told me that out of 1000 students only 300 passed the semester test. That just scares and makes me more determined to work harder~!

There won't be any piccu's today, haven't had time to take any piccu's....more like my mum is sick of having to take piccu's of her daughter (ahaha). Will definitely have some piccu's up tomorrow.

Must see~!!!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011  at 6:10 pm
Just came back from uni, like 30 minutes ago, and found this on, I almost fell off my chair when I saw this :

Dam....I have no words.

ANYWAY~! I don't blame you if you get distracted by the piccu above =p. So, I watched beautiful minds in psychology class today. The entire movie basically revolves around a mathematical genius and his gradual development of schizophrenia. At first I was like, your kidding me right? This is dam, boring, but then it got to the scrumptious parts. It turns out the mathematical genius believed he was working for the CIA? I don't know something like that. I felt so sorry for him, imagine living a life that isin't there, and everyone else around you tells you, "yo~! your living in a freakin delusionall shiiitake world, lets give you some meds and you'll be all better again." Nope, no, never want that happening to me. After the psych lecture, I kinda questioned myself, I thought I might be schizophrenic...yeah, weird. I wrote calculus today, was oki, wasn't bad, wasn't good, it was inbetween hunger and sleep. Ahaha. Dam, im tired, im half past dead and listening to far east movement, girls on the dancefloor, full blast. NEED SLEEP~!


Quick OFTD~

Monday, 21 March 2011  at 7:58 pm
So, before I go to bed, I thought I would post a quick OFTD, this is what I wore to go to chemistry tuition:

 It's like seriously long at the back, eh, I can deal with that~
Yupp, so thats my OFTD, I love long loose tops like this blue one, hides my barbaric hips....oh, how I hate my hips. I actually loath my hips, but your never satisfied with what you have.
I have a calculus test on wednesday.....wish me luck.


  at 10:39 am

I've been through so many of these introductory posts, it's sickening. I've had about 3 blogs before this crisp, clean and fresh one. It's a disgrace, ahaha. Ugh, mblaq is distracting me with their awesome music, anyway. So, my name isin't Ayaka, it's a stage name, but you can call me aya. I'm currently an aspiring biochemist, I'm not actually going to become a biochemist, I'm going to specialize in haematology, because that's where my interest lies. Um, I love DBSK (whoop, whoop) and the gazette, love my gaze boys. I love photoshop, don't be hating now coz I love it, OKI? Oh, im a fashion addict in training, I don't really know how to dress my 1.57cm, pear shaped body...yupp I'm about 5 feet 2 inches...I don't know if the conversion is correct, I googled it, ahaha. One day, I would love to travel to Japan and Korea, especially Korea, seems hecka interesting. Besides I love Kpop. This blog will primarily focus on OFTD's, what happens in my everyday life, lots of pic spams of what I buy and my nail art. Oh~! I have a HUGE nailpolish collection, take a look: