Review| Clinique's Line Smoothing Concealer!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014  at 6:46 pm


So currently down here in the South we are celebrating National Braai(Barbecue) Day or better known as Heritage Day! I would post pictures of all the amazing traditional clothing I saw today, but since I have no particular heritage and don't identify with any heritage for that matter, this day is kinda a meh-ish day for me *laughs*. Getting onto some more serious matters of the heart, I picked up Clinique's line smoothing concealer a few months back, because what's the point in writing a review and I haven't used the aforementioned product for at least a month? I picked up this piece of happiness at Edgar's for R250::$22. I think I should have picked up the "All about eyes concealer" but since I'm a noob and know minimal about make-up, I didn't know it existed...onto the review!

Haul|Forever New, TopShop & Trueworth's!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014  at 10:07 am

This afternoon I have a really small haul from the previous months purchases, I haven't been shopping as much lately namely because of uni! I can't stand uni anymore, it's starting to work on my last nerves but oh well! That's life! I hope you enjoy today's post! :)

You all know how much I love loose fitted tops and t-shirts. I bought this in white earlier in the year and I have to say that this is my go to top when I can't think of anything to wear. Since I'm short and I live in leggings, I wear these loose tops with tights, jeggings, skinny jeans, shorts you name it! I'm sure all of you have noticed by now but I'm pretty basic when it comes to clothing, if anything seems to intricate or the design confuses me, I ordinarily steer clear of items like that.

Nail Art| She Craves Blood!

Sunday, 14 September 2014  at 6:02 pm

So I know that I said I would be back on track and blogging my brains out! But I've been cooped up in a lab for 7 days of the week (I could of said the entire week) not that I'm complaining, since the lab is my life right now. But I have a presentation coming up which is stressing my balls off because all I have swirling around in my head is restricition enzymes, mutations, DNA starnds, Xba1 and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism disease *eek!*. On another note I'm apologizing for this post, since it is yet another nail art idea, but hey, I'm totally swamped till my neck with work *cringes. On another, another note I am also currently immersed in the fantasy I call Christian Grey and yes, I'm infatuated with it, granted it isn't technically the greatest read ever....but I still love it. I'm hooked! I hope you'll partly enjoy this post to some extent! :)

 You know what to do!

Nail Art| Splatter!

Sunday, 7 September 2014  at 9:00 pm

Down here in the south Summer is almost in full swing and I'm welcoming it with open arms! The lazy days where you can take a nap in the middle of the afternoon because of the sweltering heat and the warm summer breeze that tousles your hair. That's what I live for. I'm apologizing in advance for the consecutive posts about nail art and all things nails! I promise that I'll have something different posted this week because I'm sure all of you are tired of seeing almond shaped nails *laughs* I hope you enjoy tonight's post! :)

 You know what to do! :)