Kangols Hello Holo

Sunday, 29 July 2012  at 6:39 pm

I experimented with Kangols Hello Holo by pairing it with a black base coat and to my enjoyment! It produced satisfying results! I realized that with any opaque base coat the holographic effect will glimmer through brilliantly! I'm excited to show you the results, so without further ado.

Onto the post!

The rhinestones really add a glitzy touch I'm beginning to run to my rhinestones for a dash of glitz and glam to my nails.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this post!

Till we meet again!

Bye Bye!

Some things that I found

Friday, 27 July 2012  at 4:42 pm

I was trying searching through some things in my room in search of earrings that I recently purchased but can't seem to find. I suspect someone stole them >< But anyway! So, I stumbled upon a few items that I forgot I had, let's take a look shall we?

 A teddy bear phone charm I bought in Hometown many, many, years ago

I love how the orange and gold compliment each other. These would be great to wear in Summer when your hairs tied back and everyone can see your earrings!

I want to make a peg line in my storage space so that I can hang up memories and pictures of favourite person and I. I don't have the correct string so I probably have to get that sometime this week.

The three bracelets were gifted to me by favourite person for Christmas, the leather white strap I bought at Foschini. I thought they would look great worn together as a layered bracelet look.

I hope all my lovelies have found this post somewhat interesting *laughs*

Till we meet again!

Bye Bye!

What I'm loving

Wednesday, 25 July 2012  at 4:21 pm

I decided to compile a small list of what I'm loving this winter/what I'm loving in general at this moment.

Let's begin!

It's a Hello Kitty water bottle, ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Favourite person bought it for me when he was in China. Since it's Winter it really keeps my hands warm in the chilly mornings. I actually got laryngitis because it was so cold recently.

 Marshmallows for coffee

 I bought plastic storage cases to protect and store my earrings

I've realised that I've left alot of my things such as memory sticks, jackets, scarfs and other things at favourite persons house, whenever I seem to visit I have a habit of forgetting something.

Lovelies? Do you ever experience this? Leaving items at your significant others house?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far!

Till we meet again!

Bye Bye!

Gold and Silver

Sunday, 22 July 2012  at 4:08 pm

I finally mustered up the inner nail art fanatic within me and tried something different with my nails. It's not THAT different but I did put effort into it. Before I forget, quick tip!I think it's called magic sellotape or something like that, but it has a off white-ish color it works well in creating stripes on nails. It also doesn't lift up your nail-polish as easily because it isn't that strong. Now, returning to what I actually wanted to say, I've hypothesized something. I believe that the strongest relationships are those that last after honeymoon period. It's probably common knowledge to everyone, but, honeymoon period is that joyful time when your significant other still has renewed eyes and a young jostling love for you. After that stage things become mandatory and you realize that your other half won't leave you even though he/she may not treat you the same as when you were first dating. I believe if you can get past that, the honeymoon stage then you've found the person you're meant to be with. It's just my opinion. Honeymoon stage for me is the stage where you don't see the others faults and your blinded by love. But, after a while you aren't as blinded as you were and you begin to see faults and nit-pick. If you're still able to be happily in love with them after nit-picking I think you've found the one!

But anyway! Onto the post! 

I have so much work to do! But, procrastination keeps taking me away from it ><  GOSH!

Till we meet again!

Bye Bye!


Sunday, 15 July 2012  at 9:00 pm

*this will be a scheduled post and I will respond to any comments as soon as I can

As I mentioned in my previous post I received a puppy as part of my birthday gifts. I usually don't name any of my animals because I suck with names. I was going to name my puppy piggy *laughs* so my mother named my puppy. I'm sure it's pretty evident in the name on how to say her name but just in case! You can never be too sure right? This is how you say her name, PIP-PEA, or pip for short, though she doesn't respond to pip that much *laughs* She's a 6 week old healthy puppy that has an extremely strong penchant for pooping ALOT! Gosh....her pooping just never ends, and it's not even reasonable pooping. I swear I've only had her for three days and the lawn is covered in POOP! But that's enough about that, I'm actually meant to be completing my pre-lab questions for my lab tomorrow...but that can wait *smiles*

 I was actually aiming at getting a Husky, they're just as cute but this cuties doe eyes and sad face captured me the moment I saw her. She's just too cute!

Till we meet again!

Bye Bye!

Birthday Haul

  at 8:25 am

I'm sorry for the lack of updates but so many things were happening and going on during the last week of my holiday. It was my birthday last week so I'm FINALLY 20! Saying good-bye to my teens feels kinda meh-ish. So, first it was my birthday then secondly favourite person surprised visited me, we hadn't seen each other the entire holiday because of some stuff that's going on, so when he came over I think two days after my birthday, it REALLY was a nice surprise! I'll upload his haul later sometime today if I get time. Then thirdly, I got a puppy for my birthday! SHE’S SO CUTE!! She's a mix between a Boerboel and a German Shepherd, I'll upload some pictures of her later today as well. She's the main reason why I haven't posted in such a while. I wake up at absurd hours JUST to take her out to poop. She came potty trained *laughs* she refuses to poop inside the house so that's a plus for me! So, I've been tired ever since I got her >< As I'm writing this post now she's biting my hoodie!

Let's get onto the post!

Love bracelet!

Sunday, 8 July 2012  at 2:13 pm

I'm sorry for the gloomy previous post >< I was just finding it hard to see the light and at times when I get like that I just need to vent. So, thank you to everyone who supported me and made me feel better!

Now! Time for a happy post! I decided to make my very first love bracelet, it's actually a friendship bracelet that I called a love bracelet since you can give it to the one you love and have matching bracelets. I got the idea from Honestly...WTF

I was originally in search of a bracelet that I could make for favourite person so we could have matching bracelets, so, when I read that friendships bracelet can be given to the one you love. I thought it was perfect. To me it's not just any bracelet since it took me about a week and a bit to make. So, I put alot of effort and time into it. I used the entire length of the embroidery thread to make. Please note, you have to use the entire length of embroidery thread so that the bracelet will fit over your wrist.

The bracelet wraps twice around my wrist and I'm still looking for a clasp that I can attach to it

I hope all my lovelies are having a wonderful Sunday!

And for those going back to uni, goodluck!

Till we meet again!

Bye Bye! 

Just a rant

Friday, 6 July 2012  at 10:15 pm

I've been thinking a lot lately...but doesn't it suck when you miss someone a lot and they don't miss you at all? It kinda feels like, loving someone with all your heart and they never return your feelings. I was thinking just a minute ago, that it would be nice if the person you fell in love with, fell head over heels in love with you and you get married. That life only consisted of happy endings. But, you know how life is, always throwing that darn spanner in the works, and we as humans have learnt to overcome it. It amazes me how easily someone can throw someone else away. Not caring about their feelings only about themselves. They're truly selfish. How some people can end a relaitonship because they're "bored". If you didn't like the person from the start why did you lead them on? It honestly makes me sick, I could never do that to someone, it's just too cruel.

 I guess you could say I'm a bit melancholic tonight. I don't know. I just needed an outlet to express what I was thinking.

Till we meet again


Doubly pierced!

Thursday, 5 July 2012  at 6:08 pm

I've FINALLY -after many months of nagging- gotten my second ear piercing. I now have 4 piercings in total and I want to make it 5. Since none of the malls in my area did second ear piercings claiming that it was "against policy" to do second ear piercings, I went to a tattoo parlour to get it done. I must admit, I was scared out of my wits, and having my mum with me didn't help me much either. When they graciously announced to the both of us that it would be done with a needle, I almost died. But, considering every three months I go for blood tests I didn't think it would be too bad. My mum of course thought I would chicken out. She resigned herself to the entrance of the tattoo parlour and refused to be with me while I was having my piercing done *laughs*. When I got it done, it burnt like HELL! No one told me it would be so sore! It was so sore I had a fever that same day and had to be on painkillers for two days. It's all worth it *smiles* I love my second piercing SO MUCH!  I keep tucking my hair back behind my ears so every one can see *laughs* My third piercing would have to be a conch piercing ABSOLUTELY love the look of them.

Does anyone have a conch piercing? And did it hurt much?

Taken from Mr. Teacher episode 2
Till we meet again!

Bye Bye!


Tuesday, 3 July 2012  at 5:50 pm

I decided to decorate my nails with fake rhinestones, I keep calling them sequences for some odd reason. I never thought I would come to love the fake blink and twinker of a synthetic rhinestone. I use to hate them and vowed to never use them but alas here I am, posting my "bejeweled" nails.

Let's begin!

Liebster blog, baby!

Sunday, 1 July 2012  at 8:28 pm

Pretty, isn't it? I wanted to make it extra big so no one could miss it, but it got kinda pixelated and schtuffs *laughs*

It seems as if some bloggers don't really think much of this award but truth be told! I'm overjoyed I that I received this award from the lovely Lily from This life is confusing, since I've never received anything for my blog I feel kinda awkward to be awarded a blog award *laughs* you know what it feels like? That initial moment when they call you up to receive an award on stage, and you never expected to receive an award, yeah, it feels something like that. It might seem like I'm making a big deal but, I was actually thinking about this award the other day. I kept thinking to myself how nice it would be to receive an award to acknowledge the effort and hard-work I painstakingly put into this blog and I got it! This is why I'm so overjoyed.

Onto the rules!

Each person must post 11 facts about themselves
Answer the questions that I (the tagger) has set for you
Create 11 questions of your own for the people you wish to tag
Choose 11 people and link them in your post
Go to their page and tell them that you have given them the award
No tag backs!

11 facts about me:

I'm a petite 157 cm (5'2'') just missed average height by 3cm, and I refuse to wear heels

In high-school my best subjects were English, Afrikaans (second language), Chemistry and Biology. I was made for Science! *laughs*

I never wear make-up and I of course refuse to. I've had bad experiences with make-up, like, breaks me out like mad and when other people apply make-up to my face and they're meant to be "qualified make-up artists" I look like a plastic doll

I have a bleeding disorder

I have a drivers license but I never drive and I was at a driving school for an entire year before I applied to do my drivers test

I'm a very determined and hard-working student when it concerns my academics. Concerning everything else I don't really care

I always do what my mother tells me to do, note I said mother *laughs* if I do what she says I can get what I want, for example, I'm  FINALLY getting my long awaited second ear piercing sometime this week

I'm a hypocrite when it comes to swearing, I hate others swearing around me, the occasional swearing is fine but not every second word. I'm always swearing, but in my head *laughs*

Wherever there's excitement and fun you'll find me there

I've become addicted to skirts and patterned tights, I hate jeans

I don't mind dissecting an animal I've become pretty de-sensitized to dissecting animals. I think if I was given a cadaver I wouldn't mind dissecting it

11 questions assigned to me:

What was your favorite childhood show?
My favorite childhood show was Blue's clues and I didn't know that Blue was a boy until a few years ago

How did you choose your blog name?
I've always been told that I was petty and I've always though of myself as a petty person, so that's how petty was derived. I've always wanted to be in a tranquil place where no one would bother me and that's how I got the air part

Do you collect anything?
I collect nail-polish, jewelry anything that's anime and nail art sequences 

Something you definitely want to do in your life time?
I definitely want to go to China, Japan, Korea and Singapore before I finish university. I also plan to study my honors or masters overseas in one of the countries I've mentioned above

What would be your ideal vacation destination?
My ideal vacation destination would be a getaway to Japan and to go on an Onsen trip

Your favorite type of music?
KPOP and JPOP, yes...ONLY those two genres 

Something you would really like to own?
My own airbrush gun, the one you use to create nail art onto your nail

What language do you want to learn?
I really want to learn Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Dutch (yes, it's more than one, eh)

Your all time favorite movie and why?
V for Vendetta, I love V's personality and his accent. I love the overall script and the way the movie is played out by the actors

Where would you like to live in the future?
In an upscale apartment in Japan

What would you change about your time in high-school if you could go back?
I don't regret anything that I've done during high-school so I wouldn't want to change anything or go back

Bonus question! Do you think your hand will become crispy if you put it in a frying pan?
Well, if you put your hand in a frying pan literally speaking it will not become crispy....since it isn't switched on. If it's on, yes, since heat will dehydrate and remove all the water in your hand it will become crispy (that's how my logic works and how I see it)

For the nominations!

Tse-ring from My key of Happiness 
Winona from catacomb combacat
Lhnguyen from winterlovemilktea 
JayEle from JayEleloves 
Ayu from Magicstruck 
Subi Lama from A little bit of Life 
Jami Alison from love and turtledoves 
Paula Yang from A twisted life

11 questions for my nominees!

  1. How tall are you?
  2. What makes you happy?
  3. What do you aspire to become?
  4. If you had to choose between 2NE1 and 4 minute who would you choose? And, if B2ST and 2PM were in a dual who do you think would win and, why? (two questions in one? You got that right!)
  5.  If you had to do voluntary work, what would it be?
  6.  How much does your blog name say about you?
  7. What achievements are you really proud of?
  8. What is your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend?
  9. What life lessons do you live by?
  10. What cheers you up when you're down and out?
  11. What is something you currently want right now? 
And! That ends my glorious post on the Liebster award, all the nominees that I have listed in this post I am either following or are currently following as of now and have already contacted them.

Till we meet again!

And don't forget to share the Liebster love!

Bye Bye!