A case of laryngitis but I'm still sporting an OFTD

Saturday, 4 June 2011  at 9:42 pm

So, I wake up kinda early to get to uni on time, and it sucks beyond belief. In the mornings it's 2 degrees or lower! And I have to walk in that blistering cold just to get to my lecture hall. Well, last week, it seems the cold got to me. I had a sore throat sometime during the week that somehow evolved into laryngitis. I've had laryngitis before, but I wasn't as ill as I was this time. I couldn't get out of my bed, I felt so weak! I only missed the Friday lectures, so it's not that bad. Anyway! I hope all my lovely readers are enjoying their winter!

What my side of the world looked like today ^^.


My new tights, do you like? haha, bought them at Woolworths, I thought that the design on the tights suited Winter.
I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend so far~!
 Bye Bye

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