Advice| Removing Acrylic Nails

Sunday, 30 March 2014  at 5:04 pm

Have you ever experimented with acrylic nails? I certainly have and to the detriment of my nails, it took 8 weeks of re-growth for my nails to become somewhat healthy again. Since I'm a cheapskate in many aspects of nail art (I'll never let a nail technician do my nails again), I decided instead of painting my natural nails and ending up with awfully yellow stained nails, I'd apply acrylic nails on my nails. I've taken pictures of what the acrylic nails look like on my nails (here) and need I say I'm never applying acrylic nails again. It's probably my fault, no actually, it is my fault, I've mentioned in previous posts that I have nervous habits. One of these habits happens to be picking at my nails and my cuticles. When I first applied acrylic nails I marveled at how slim they made my fingers look and that I could get my desired nail shape with the swipe of a file! But as all things are, good things come to an end and I get bored very easily. I decided one night after applying acrylic nails for a few weeks now (I never applied them properly so they would fall off easily) that I would file all ten acrylic nails off my natural nail....and that was the end of my nails. As I filed, I paid close attention to not file half my nail away, but that obviously didn't work as I'm half blind in any case, mishaps are bound to happen. After I had finished massacring my nails this is what they looked like after!

My nails were badly banged up from excessive filing, applying super glue to my nails to attach the acrylic nails and lifting the acrylic nails off my natural nails. It isn't visible, but on my ring finger, I had filed off so much of my natural nail, that I had a ridge/indentation in my nail (eek!).

During this time period, all I did was wait, and wait and wait for my nails to grow out. I'd clip them shorter and that was it. As you can see I didn't moisturize my cuticles so I had hang nails and all that nasty stuff! I was just too scared to do anything with my nails, that I just left them to re-grow healthy again.

After 8 very long weeks, my nails had finally out grown their unhealthy state. If nails didn't re-grow I'd probably end up with the most badly damaged nails on planet earth with the way I treat them (cringe). So my advice to all you lovely ladies who tend to have similar habits, be patient and wait for the acrylic nails to either fall off your nails naturally or grow out. Or if you really can't stand them, soak them in nail polish remover which will remove them pretty effectively too. I hope this has deterred some of you from doing what I did *laughs* I hope you enjoyed reading this post and till we meet again!

Bye Bye!

Nail Art| Lazy Girl Nail Art Part 1

Saturday, 29 March 2014  at 7:36 pm

I'm sure everyone has noticed (hopefully) that I've had a recent leave of absence which feels like ages to me! I had two tests one after the other this week, I have an assignment that's due on the day of my graduation and I'm not half way done yet (eek!). Post-grad is killing me *sigh* I hope all of you have been well and healthy! I've just recovered from a bad case of the stomach flu, but I'm my happy self again! Since it's been hectic lately and I haven't had much time to do anything, my nails suffered as a result. So to keep them looking pretty again, I decided to try out my nail stickers that I purchased at a market. Usually I'm sceptical about nail art stickers because they usually don't last a day for me. To my surprise they lasted a good week! They would have lasted longer had I not picked at them and pulled them off purposefully (a nervous habit). I hope you enjoy tonight's post! :)

Till we meet again!
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Review| Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in #120 Cutting Edge!

Sunday, 16 March 2014  at 5:56 pm

Gosh, time had flown by! It's already  two weeks until the end of March and I have hoards of studying to do *eek, test week anyone?* I would have uploaded this review eons ago when I fell in love with Kate Moss's lipstick collection by Rimmel, but I recently got my wisdom teeth filled up with strong stuff that's meant to keep the calcium eating bacteria at bay *laughs* I picked up "Cutting Edge" at a department store, stupidly thinking that I was picking up one of the lipstick's in the Kate Moss Rimmel collection...I obviously don't read labels as you can see *laughs* I wasn't too disappointed with the color choice since it's a dark-ish purple that tends towards vampy. It's not as vampy as I would like it to be, but I think anything too vampy will push down my tan skin tone, down a notch. It's more purple than anything else and the scent isn't too pleasing...reminds me of baby powder, eek! I hope you enjoy tonight's review! :)

Nail Art| Geometric

Friday, 7 March 2014  at 10:36 am
Good Morning!

I had a stroke of sheer luck this morning! I was just about on my way to uni, when my mum calls me as I'm getting ready to drive off, that I should probably stay at home because it was raining too heavily...sheer luck!! So I have a long weekend, but I have to study in any case so it's more time to study. The weather has been really poopy lately (it's been raining for seven days straight now). So to cheer me up from the dreary weather, I decided to do a geometric kinda nail art design on my nails. I'm saying it's kinda geometric because I doubt it's actually geometric but it reminds me of a geometric pattern....confusing much? I hope you enjoy today's post! :)

I used striping tape to create the triangle and silver lines that border the triangle. For the silver borders that don't reach a peak (ring finger and pinky finger) I overlapped the striping tape on top of each other, so when I peeled it off, one part of the connecting line would be missing.The trick to getting clean crisp lines, is waiting very patiently for your layers to dry and when you peel off the striping tape, voila! Lines that are clean and crisp await you!

Till we meet again!
Bye Bye!

Review| Revlon's ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in #135 Provocateur!

Sunday, 2 March 2014  at 8:45 pm

Tonight I have the pleasure of reviewing Revlon's ColorBurst Lacquer Balm! Ever since I saw the review on Fun Size beauty's blog, I've been itching to get my hands on one! So, for all you South African readers out there, they launched sometime last week (I bought mine last week Friday!). Need I say that I'm absolutely in love with the lacquer balms and specifically the lacquer balms. When I swatched the matte balms in store, they were so chalky and unflattering! I guess it only happens for certain colors such as the light pinks and orange hues because those were the one's I swatched in store. I love the glossy finish of the lacquer balms and that they are super hydrating (unlike the Just Bitten Kissable balm stain range)! Coming from someone whose lips are constantly chapped these balms did not disappoint. I wore them for a full three hours and not a speck of dry, flaky skin in sight! Revlon's colorburst lacquer balms are definitely worth the hype! I hope you enjoy tonight's post! :)

I adore the shiny finish of the lacquer balms which is in stark contrast to the matte finish of the colorburst balms. I feel like the colorburst range is much more fun than the "Just Bitten Kissable" balm stain range which Revlon had originally (the packaging was boring in my opinion).