Review| Rimmel Scandal Eyes Thick and Thin eyeliner!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014  at 1:14 pm

Today I'll be reviewing Rimmel's Scandal eyes eyeliner which I picked up a week ago! I was thrilled when I saw it, because I've been looking for a good quality eyeliner felt tip that will give me the perfect pigmented cat eye I'm in search for. I should have kept on searching for that perfect eyeliner tool because this is definitely not it! Read on to find out why! :)

I loved the sleek, simplistic packaging of the eyeliner, it was what drew me to buy it in the first place. Since I'm a newbie in the world of cosmetics and buying beauty brands, I'm drawn to simple packaging that looks like it would be (well not in this case) to draw the perfect cat eye/winged eyeliner! I picked mine up at Edgar's for plus minus 99zar::$9.23.

When I first tested this out at the shop, it worked like a charm! Product flowed out seamlessly through the felt tip applicator, I could draw the perfect thin and thick lines which it claims to be able to do. After a week, that seemingly, easy free flowing dispense of product had a hard time finding it's way to the felt tip applicator! Shaking the eyeliner was required with detrimental effects, which you'll see later.

Not only does this eyeliner lack in pigment, it's streaky too! Since my lids are on the oilier side, this won't do for anyone who has oily lids! The product itself has a hard time "sticking" to oily skin and it'll very easily streak and look bleh! I don't know what the conditions were like in the store, but the minute I brought it home with me, it deteriorated. Drawing a wing/flick on the outer corner of the eye in itself is off putting, because you have to shake, shake, shake and then the product is dispensed into the felt tip. Even after shaking the product only flows through for a couple of seconds and it's gone! This has definitely put me off from buying another felt tip eyeliner tool, because this is the very reason why I don't venture into winged eyeliner and the sorts!

My worst fears were confirmed when this happened *points above*! I got to the point where I was so aggravated in attempting to draw a cat eye on my lids that I shook it too much and product leaked into the cap of the eyeliner on my clothes, everywhere! Not even Clinique's lack luster intense chubby stick in "Mightiest Maraschino" has made me this angry! I cannot stress enough how much of a miss this product truly is! This is definitely not a newbie make-up friendly tool at all! 

I hope this review has been helpful! :)
Till we meet again, bye bye!


  1. You could probably try a liquid liner that doesn't come in a pen like form. But If you do want a pen like form, the best one that I could recommend to you is the Kat Von D Tattoo liner. Its 18$ which is a bit pricey, but it works very well. Though its not a felt tip, this pen liner will help create a sharp winged liner look which can be thick or thin. Don't give up on the winged liner just yet!

    1. I've wanted to get my hands on one of Kat Von D's make-up products for forever! Since I've only read good things about the products I've searched for. I won't give up on the winged liner just yet! XD

    2. Yes, I love Kat Von D's makeup products! But I hope you find an eyeliner that will work for you!! Winged eyeliners are the best! lol <3

    3. Winged eyeliners are most definitely the best Evelyn! :)