When all else fails, smile.

Sunday, 22 May 2011  at 2:01 pm

Just about to get ready to go for tutoring, yeah, I'm so diligent I have tutoring on a Sunday, aren't I lucky? Anyway, I've noticed that whenever I can't answer a question ESPECIALLY in my tutoring class, I just smile. I don't even notice it until my tutor starts looking at me weirdly. It's embarrassing, whenever I don't understand someone I smile and say yes, emphatically. If I don't want something I smile, I basically smile for everything. Its strange. Anyway, my lovely readers, I have brought with me today a, NOTD and a Fashion Haul. I haven't finished writing my class tests but I'm taking a break for now. This week will be....the hardest week of my life. I write everyday starting from this week.


Sally Hansen Double duty, used as a base coat, two coats of this stops staining.

First base coat, I applied two coats of this.

After applying the second coat of Charlie's Day Dreamer, apply purple glitter.

After applying the purple glitter add silver glitter, to make things easier, I mixed the purple glitter and silver glitter together so you get a somewhat evenly distributed mixture, and then you can apply it to your nails.

Wait for all the layers to dry and add two coats of a shiny topcoat.
Fashion Haul:

Bought this Grey billowy top from Woolworth's, I thought this top was on sale, but apparently it wasn't, I bought it for 199 zar($28.79). I love the airy and light material on the chest area.

I bought this lariat type necklace at Diva, this was fortunately on sale. 

From 110 zar($15.91) to 75 zar(10.85).
So, I'll be on my way to tutor classes, at least my tutor has a good looking son that can distract me (laughs).

Bye Bye~!