My holidays end in less than 24 hours~

Monday, 2 May 2011  at 6:39 pm

Yea, my holidays are about to end, in a few hours. I'm not really disappointed to be honest, I'm kind of ready to get back. I'm such a freak. Anyway, I have another fashion haul, not a mini one like I mentioned in my previous post. I've also been meaning to upload a "what's in my bag" post, I've seen many bloggers do this and I love the idea. So, hopefully I'll post that sometime in the week. Trust me, I won't be shopping until I have winter break, so there won't be many updates but I hope that you will continue to support me~!

Fashion Haul:
I didn't realise at the time but this top is see through~! It's only see through on the chest area, yea so my bra will show if I don't wear a tank top underneath. 129 zar ($20) I bought this at the Levi's discount store.

So, I bought this high-waisted black skirt because I was tired of having no black skirts in my closet, but to my surprise it fit well but it was freaking long. My mum altered it for me. Before alteration.

After alteration. Yea, my mum didn't want to cut it too short...oh, well. I bought this at the Billabong discount store. Usually it retails for 400 zar but I only bought it for 220 zar ($33)

I bough this skirt at Mr. Price. I'm never going back there again. When I tried on the skirt it looked great, but when I came home, suddenly it looked awful. It was doing some strange thing in the front and I just hated it. The good points about this skirt was I didn't have to altered but it made my hips look incredibly big. Nobody likes to hear that. It was a bargain at 199 zar ($30)

I know this looks like my slouch boot sock but I promise you it's different. This one apparently reaches up to the thighs. Usually when Woolworth's say that it only goes up to mid thigh or knee high. I haven't tried them on yet, but I will soon. I bought these at Woolworth's for 49.95 zar ($8)

As you can see, I'm in love with tights, boot socks and pantyhose. So when I read these had a "slimming fit" I had to buy them~! Need to get my thighs looking thinner~! 

I decided to add sparkles to the stardust nail polish I bought a while ago, it looks kinda dressed up now. 

This is what the skirt looked like on me after alterations, I would have liked it shorter, but I guess it's better this way.
Has anyone heard, Rainbow? They are a kpop girl group, their songs are really good I won't lie. I've been listening to mach, to me and A. All these songs are from their So album. Check it out.
I hope everyone had a good workers day and will have an even better week ahead.

Bye Bye~

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