Review| Garnier Pure Active BB Cream!

Sunday, 11 May 2014  at 12:17 pm

My posting schedule is slowly but surely weaning itself week by week because of my upcoming test week which is killing me! For all of you at uni and going through test week...stay strong! Thankfully I'm able to upload my review of Garnier's Pure Active BB cream that I picked up sometime last week. Since I'm in love with BB creams and we could probably hold hands until the day we die, it's no surprise that I now have almost every single BB cream that Garnier has launched down here in S.A. The one and only thing that I love about Garnier's BB creams is that they are a perfect match to my skin tone. Lets face it, I'm a student with no cash in my wallet and I only get money if I do well in academics and Garnier's BB cream quenches my thirst for a barely there polished look. I've never realized that there is a noticeable difference between a bare face and one that has BB cream applied...I have no idea why I've never noticed it. I only noticed it, when I was taking pictures of new pure active BB cream. But anyway enough talking let's get onto the review!

The first semi-gripe that I have with this product is that from the get go, when I first used it, it was messy! As you can see in the above picture it's smeared on the inner side of the lid and where the product gets dispensed. I'm sure it doesn't bother many others but for me I see this as wastage because it's eventually going to air dry become hard and closing the cap will prove to be difficult in the end. Speaking about closing the cap, it has this weird mechanism where you have to click the cap in place twice. I don't know if this is as a safety mechanism so that the product doesn't leak out, but it gets annoying at times. All the Garnier BB creams that I've tried have a fresh scent to them, that only lingers a little while after application. The Garnier BB cream for oily combination skin doesn't have as heavy a scent as it's previous counterparts.

Out of all three, the best one in my opinion would have to be the Garnier BB cream for oily combination skin because lets face it, if you have an oily T-zone you're bound to end up with an oily face with Garnier's first BB cream and the PureActive BB cream.  The  PureActive BB cream is definitely not for anyone who has oily skin, I find that after 4+ hours, the area around my nose is as shiny as a trail a snail leaves during Winter. That being said, if you're like me and you're not bothered by a product that is specifically for oily combination skin then give this a try. I set mine with Rimmel's stay matte powder which proves to be the perfect combination to keep my oily T-zone at bay for 3 hours. I haven't broken out once with Garnier's PureActive BB cream and I have sensitive skin, which is a plus. The product contains Salicyclic acid, which helps combat nasty acne and pimples, which is another plus! I see more coverage with the PureActive BB cream than I've seen with the other two Garnier BB creams. The product claims to keep you matte but it only lasts for about 3+ hours max (and that's including setting powder) on my face.

||Hand Swatches||


The consistency of the PureActive is less viscous than the BB cream for oily combination skin and the miracle skin perfector. As you can see the PureActive is also more pigmented than the other two, which is perfect for me right now because we haven't yet descended into Winter. So, I still have my "Summer glow" with me. The BB cream for oily combination skin is a perfect match for me in Winter.

||Face Swatches||

There's definitely a shade difference when I apply the PureActive onto my face, which I'm not complaining too much about. The problem arises when you try to layer the BB cream for more coverage, which is possible with this product. The shade difference is so noticeable that I washed it off and only applied one layer onto my face. The other thing which annoys me is the pilling! When I apply the PureActive with my hands, I have pilling happening under my eye area and on some parts of my cheek. But when I apply it with a foundation brush, the brush sort of brushes away all the pilling happening on my face. So that's a major gripe of mine. I don't know if I apply primer to my face first, if the pilling will be reduced...I'm not sure. Overall, I love that the PureActive gives you a smooth, glowy finish to your skin. I definitely notice that the minor scarring that I have on my face diminishes a bit when I apply the BB cream. I bought this for 79zar::$7.62 at Clicks. It originally was priced at 89zar::$8.59 but I received 10zar off which was nice.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and till we meet again!
Bye Bye! :) 


  1. It is the first time I check out ur blog. The photo editing is so cool. it is areason i was attracted to read the post.
    Have tried BB creams of other brands?

    Check out my today's post.

    Happy Sunday,

    1. I've only ever tried Garnier's BB cream thus far, but I have tried Almay's CC cream which I'm not impressed by

  2. Gorgeous! I love this review. Garnier has amazing products, but I haven't tried their BB creams yet. I think the Pure Active one looks like it has the best coverage, at least from the photos. I have oily skin too, so I'll probably end up getting the combination to oily skin one. thanks for sharing such a great review!

    May from La Vie en May

    1. The Pure Active definitely has more coverage than the other BB creams in the same line. I'm glad you like the review May :)