I'm finally free

Monday, 27 June 2011  at 7:08 pm

My lovelies! I am finally finished with university midterms! I was so eager to get done with exams that I left the exam venue immediately after I finished, and i never do that, because I consider it a bad omen. Oh well. Hopefully my results will show all the effort and hard work I put in. Has anyone heard 2pm's latest release hands up? I love it, my favorite tracks so far are hands up, electricity and 모르니 (I don't know what the english title is). To be honest 2ne1's I am the best single really helped me get through the strain of studying for my last exam. I'm so glad that 2ne1 and 2pm released something new. My ears were aching for some new kpop and they provided it (laughs). Anyway, enough of that, in my previous fashion haul I forgot to include pictures of my gladiator sandals (bad me) so as promised they are in this fashion haul.

I love my floral shirts! I bought this shirt at Trueworths for 380 zar ($52.26). I especially love this shirt because it looks great with skinny jeans or a simple black skirt, because of the print it can make a simple outfit girly and fun.

I bought the gladiater sandals at Luella for 299 zar ($43.48) if I'm not mistaken. I got these on sale, because it's part of the stores leather collection these shoes usually are priced from 300-400 zar ($43.63-58.18).

Denim skinnies, usually skinnies don't fit well by my leg area because my legs are thin, but these surprisingly are fitted from the thigh all the way down. I bought these at Trueworth's for 280 zar ($40.72). There were these chocolate brown skinnies (well I thought they were skinnies) they ended up being treggings. Now, I have no idea what treggings are so if any of my readers have insight to this please tell me what they are.

Simple outfit of the day.

I hope everyone will have a wonderful working week ahead, because from now until sometime in July, I am off!

Bye Bye~

My samsung galaxy ace and a new handbag

Thursday, 23 June 2011  at 6:54 pm

Today I wrote statistics, it went okay, I guess. I'll pass it, so that will suffice for now. As I promised you lovelies out there, I have come with a Fashion Haul, featuring my Samsung galaxy Ace. Apparently, the phone was released recently? I don't know, but I didn't know that it was a new. I took it because it looked like an I-phone (laughs).

My new handbag~! Isn't it just lovely?

I love the stud detailing and that it looks edgy.

The handbag originally was priced at 199 zar ($28.99), but was then reduced to 149 zar ($21.71).

I bought a tinted lip moisturizer to get rid of my dual tone lips.

I must say, it is really moisturizing in the beginning, but as you use it more and more. I find that my lips seem to not be as moist and as soft as when I first used it. I bought the moisturizer for 249 zar ($36.28).

Alas, my new cellphone. My other phone is still in for repairs and I'm glad because right now I love this phone. If your anything like me and you like sleek looking phones, then I'm certain this phone won't disappoint you.

It has two back covers a black and a white one. The phone was about 3000 zar ($437). The phone has a 5 megapixel camera and has Android technology. I absolutely love it because this is my very first Android phone, I've never been a fan of Android, but now I am.

Black suede booties, bought them at Luella for 399 zar ($58.16), they were originally 699 zar ($101.85)

The only thing that annoys me about these boots are the noise it makes. I can't stand it when boots make a noise, it makes a kind of bell sound? I don't know, it just annoys me.

I HAD to buy another black skirt, you can never get enough of black skirts. I bought the skirt at Edgars for 99 zar ($14.42). I love the way the fabric was sewed together, like in stripes. This has to be the only black skirt that is form fitting and still makes my hips look nice.
My exam week is coming to a close next week Monday. So, updates should be coming in more regularly. I hope everyone will have a good Friday, because I'm off tomorrow. ^^

Bye Bye!

Second attempt at tribal nail art

Sunday, 19 June 2011  at 1:01 pm

I've been procrastinating this past weekend. I have two exams looming and I'm blogging instead of studying, that's a good enough excuse right? (laughs). My lovelies, I've once again tried my hand at tribal nail art, I honestly am hooked on it. It is currently my favorite type of nail art. I like it so much, because it is the most forgiving, you can make a mistake and will still be able to mend it, without redoing your whole nail.

Do you notice anything different, my lovelies? I have a new cellphone~! I broke my other one because I'm a klutz and cellphones usually break when they're in my care. So, I settled on a Samsung Galaxy Ace, I only like it because it looks like an I-phone, but it will be featured in my next haul, so please wait until then.

Bye Bye

Fashion haul

Friday, 17 June 2011  at 7:21 pm

My lovelies! Finally exam time is starting to cool down abit. I still have three exams to write (statistics, biology paper 2 and psychology), I hope all my readers have been keeping well and healthy while I've been away! Now! Onto, what I came here for (laughs) I have brought with me a lovely fashion haul, but I have many fashion hauls waiting to be posted, so I will post a fashion haul every weekend. The fashion hauls I will be posting will be, what I bought over the course of two or three weeks. So please enjoy my lovelies!

I OF COURSE had to stop off at the Diva store, after all they were having a 50% off sale! Kaching!

Doesn't it look gothic? Trust me I'm not a goth (not discriminating here) but this ring is just...I love it. My mum forbid me to wear rings because...it looks like I'm married? Anyway, but with my awesome persuasive skills, she bought this for me.

Atleast the shop has done some of the conversions for me. The ring originally was 107.77 zar ($16) and was reduced to 53.88 zar ($8). 
I honestly can't remember how much the head band cost me, but I think the marked down price was 50 zar ($7.36). I love the autumn leaves, the only reason why I chose this head band, it looks seamless when you put it on, it doesn't create bulges and the autumn leaves were a bonus.

Settled on a plain hoodie because I wanted to wear it for more casual days at uni, teamed with a denim skirt, tights and ankle boots.

The hoodie was 280 zar ($41.27).

Oh how I love this jacket! It tucks in at the waist and flares out. Perfect for pear shaped figures. The color also fits in perfectly with the minus 1 degree weather. I bought this a few weeks back, so when I went into the store that I originally bought this at, it was on sale. Needless to say, I bought the same coat in black because I love it so much. The jacket was 540 zar ($79.56) and was reduced to 350 zar ($51.57)

I hope all my lovely readers will enjoy their weekend!

Bye Bye

Animal Print

Monday, 6 June 2011  at 7:17 pm

My lovely readers! I never realized how stressful exam week can be...well pre-exam week. University, is really a whole different ball game, but, tonight my lovelies, I bring with me my first attempt at animal print! I hope it isn't to disappointing (laughs).

I hope the print actually looks like animal print. I showed one of my friends the print on my nails and she said it looks like chromosomes....that's what happens when you study biochemistry. You start relating everything to biology. How has everyone's Monday been so far? i actually didn't realize it was Monday, and almost went to the wrong lecture hall. University messes you up!

I do love hearing from all of my lovely readers, so if there is anything that has inspired you or made you more interested in something, feel free to comment in the comment box below!

Bye Bye~!

Tribal print

Sunday, 5 June 2011  at 9:16 pm

My lovely readers, tonight I bring my first attempt at tribal print. I know I'm aeon's behind in the nail art world, but I only found out recently the technique to do tribal nail art. As I will emphasize again, this is my FIRST attempt at tribal print, it's sloppy, a bit untidy, shows enthusiasm and I hope my lovely readers, will love it. ^^

Products I used:

essence colour and go in 39 lime up.

essence colour and go in 53 you belong to me.

This I honestly, don't know where I bought this, but it was perfect as a base coat, for the tribal print, it is topaz FM. I think I bought it at a nail salon that mix their own nail polish or make it...I don't know.

Used a simple white nail lacquer to create the white dots.

Top coat, honestly, this isin't the best top coat around, so please, don't buy it. Sally Hansen, in my opinion makes the best top and base coats.

Used this as a base coat.

White tip painter used to make the white stripes.

Black two way nail art pen to create the triangular shapes, I don't know why, but there is no pen in this two way thing. So, it's only a one way thing, what a rip-off.

Nail art brush to paint the orange and lime green stripes. I just realized the orange nail lacquer I used isn't picutred. For the orange stripe I used Rimmel, I love lasting finish 265 POP!

Dotting tool, to dot white dots.

I hope everyone will have a pleasant and safe working week ahead, even though it feels like the working week never seems to end and the weekend never started. Updates, will not be coming in for the next three weeks. Midterms are starting and I should probably study for them, ne? Ahaha, I hope my readers will support me during this time, and wish me luck!

Until then.
Bye Bye