Why does the week have to start on a Monday?

Sunday, 8 May 2011  at 7:56 pm

As the title suggests I firmly believe that if the week started on a Wednesday, nobody would be so grumpy. Seriously, my brother is in such a mood on a Monday, I want to kill him before Monday approaches so I don't have to deal with his crap. This Friday, I'm writing calculus, yay me~! (note the sarcasm) Yea, im kinda prepared I guess (laughs) we'll see what happens Friday. My dear readers I have much to upload today, I have a Fashion Haul, a OFTD and a NOTD. Yes, I was hard at work this weekend (laughs).

Fashion Haul:

I bought this cardigan? I don't know my mum called it that, I call it a cascading cardigan. I bought it at Edgars for 149 zar ($22). It cuts above the butt area, so it looks great from the back.

Alas, another pair of military style boots. I've been loving the military boots a lot lately. I bought these at the same place I bought my other military boots, Rage 389 zar ($58)

I bought this shirt at Edgars for 199 zar($30). I'm wearing this shirt in my OFTD. I love the relaxed feel of this shirt. Most of my shirts are dressy, but this shirt looks great tucked into a high waisted skirt, to make it look more dressed up.

As you'll see in my NOTD, i used flower nail art stickers, so I decided to buy more, in case I wanted to re-create the look. The nail art stickers ranged from 10 zar ($1)-22 zar ($3). The Hello Kitty emery board cost me 15 zar($2.23) I just couldn't pass up the chance to buy a Hello Kitty emery board, it was just too cute.

Essie's Vanity Fairest. I used this as a base color in my NOTD. I bought it at Foshini for 89 zar($13). I've been searching for a soft pink color and Vanity Fairest does it for me.

Sally Hansen Double Duty. I bought this at Foshini as well and it cost me 69 zar($10). As the name suggests it's a strengthening base coat and acts as a top coat. My nails tend to split on the sides and they are a bit brittle. I only buy base coats that specifically help with brittle nails and nail splitting and Sally Hansen's Double Duty really works. I suggest it to anyone who has brittle nails or wants their nails to be stronger.

Onto the dress~! At last. I bought the dress at Edgars for 179 zar($27). My mum just told me now that this dress won't last that long, so that's saying something about the quality of this dress, but I don't care. I look good in it, I will wear it until it falls off my body. The material at the bottom of the dress really gives the dress a whimsical feel. I love it.

On the chest area of the dress it has a type of mesh/transparent material. It ties in with the bottom of the dress, which is made of the same material. 

Useless picture, I know, but, it's a close up of what the top looks like on.

Stupid pose, I was messing with the self timer on my camera and balancing the camera on the roof of my mums car (laughs).

I hope everyone has a good working week ahead of them. Once again, to the university students, conquer the looming midterms~!

Bye Bye~!

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