Haul| Scarfs & Patterned Pantyhose

Sunday, 18 November 2012  at 10:42 am

Gosh! I'm so sleepy these days, which I can blame on my complete laziness! I don't know why when holidays hit, I'm bored for the first few days and want to go back to uni and then as I settle in, I have this attitude of "fudge this, I'm sleeping my life away!" I must confess, but I've had hauls stashed on my computer that I haven't had time to upload. So, these are pretty old and super late, I ask for forgiveness! I also haven't been updating as frequently as I promised because....I ran out of bandwidth *laughs* Oh, the joy of only receiving 25gigs during the day. Onto the haul!

I hope all my lovelies are having a wonderful weekend so far! Can you belive it Christmas is just around the corner? Just the other day I was still trying to find out in what venue my classes were in *laughs* Time is really moving fast!

Till the next post!

Bye Bye!

Update| What have I been doing?

Sunday, 11 November 2012  at 12:04 pm

It's now...07:47am and I'm feeling nostalgic and good this morning! So! I know I was meant to update 3 days ago, but I got kinda caught up in my holiday spirit! No, actually there's been some fighting here at home and that stupid stuff. On Thursday when I wrote my last exam, I watched "The possession" with my bf! It scared the crap out of me! I swear! It was SO scary >< I love horrors and watching horror movies but one thing I hate seeing is people being possessed. I don't know for some reason, I can stand seeing people getting tortured (like in Saw...does that make me a sadist?) and it doesn't phase me. Considering I still want to go down to level 4 which is where my university keeps the cadavers I'm messed up, just a bit. I'm getting off-track >< Basically this post will have some of the pictures I took during the time I was missing, so if you love looking at random pictures of my somewhat everyday life, this post is for you! Oh! While I was away I literally stalked beautifymeeh's blog >< I feel so bad actually, but everyone does it so it takes some guilt off of me XD I couldn't wait to see how her baby boy Yunwoo was going to look. He's so cute! So cute! And he's such a good baby too! When I was younger I just cried all the time lol because I was born with colic. Thankfully, I've got my foot in the door of third year, because I've already passed my physiology course and the rest of marks will be released sometime in December, before I leave for my hometown. I can't wait to start third year, I HATE studying with a passion, but if you love the course you're in, you don't mind to put the extra hours in. My upcoming posts will be about hauls, a gift I received from the Bornprettystore and metallic silver nails I ordered online from Zando!

8th of November!

Friday, 2 November 2012  at 2:11 pm
That's the day I'll officially be on holiday and OFF hiatus! *round of applause everyone* I still have an application short course in pharmacy to finish off on Thursday and then I'll be on sweet, sweet holiday. What I'm especially excited about is going back to my hometown, I think I mentioned in an earlier post that my bf was meant to come with me? I can't remember, but things have been going bad, bad, bad!  But, like the mature girl my mother raised me to be, I don't let it bother me and look forward to other positive things in my life. Does everyone like the new layout? I feel like I'm talking to someone I haven't seen before and you get that surge of wanting to talk your mouth off to them. That's how much I love blogging and writing *laughs* Currently, I'm debating whether or not to get the Samsung galaxy III or the iphone 4s. But I'm leaning heavily towards the iphone since I've always wanted one. Oh! And some good news! I can get my conch piercing! I knew, just KNEW I would be able to get it before this year ended. I just hope it won't hurt and give me a fever for a good day and a half *laughs*.

So, I'll be ending it here since I'm watching paranormal activity 3 at home.....alone.

Till we meet again!

Bye Bye!