Saturday, 2 April 2011  at 8:05 pm

Anyone hear heart to heart by 4 minute? I'm currently listening to it now, I'm not really a fan of it, lol. It's not as fast pace as their previous songs, like huh, I loved that song. It annoys me when they produce these "I'm going to get revenge on my bf" songs. Anyway, university is such a strain~! Most of the first years failed their first semester test for chemistry and chemistry is our major. I have a biology test coming up, writing this Friday. I'm scared, but I'll conquer it~! YOSH~! Before I go to bed, I'll post a quick OFTD.

Please excuse the VBL I apologize for that.
I'm only allowed to wear skirts when I go shopping and not when I'm at university, don't ask me why. My mum governs what I wear unfortunately. 

So, I'm off to sleep and then study, oh the hardships of university.

Night, night~

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