I'm back~! Part two

Friday, 29 April 2011  at 10:24 am

So, I've been missing for past week due to some technical difficulties *cough* my dumbass brother used all the bandwidth, spent it I tell you, spent it~! Anyway, so while I was away...went more shopping, I'll probably have to upload in two separate parts. Part one will be fashion haul and part two will be OFTD and NOTD. Not much has been happening in my life, besides getting creepy nightmares that's about it.

Onto the fashion haul:

This top was actually a waste of pure good money. I don't really like it to be honest. It looks great with a denim skirt or black skinnies, but, it's just not for me. ($42.26)

I have officially found my absolute fav pair of socks~! I usually don't wear socks, I hate them, I feel like socks restrict me, but these, these are just perfect. I love the fact that if you wear a skirt or even a dress it peeks just above my military style boots. Love, love. ($6)

The material of this top is really floppy. It's not stiff so it doesn't hug your curves. This top cost me R180 ($27.17)

I don't know if there is a diva store overseas but...there's one here *laughs* They sell similar items of accessories like accesorize. They sell accessories for any type of outfit and occasion. I love that shop. There prices are a bit steep, so I only buy there when they're having a sale. The bow earrings were $4, the bracelet with the peace symbol was $2, the necklace with the pendant was $11, the necklace with the two birds and a heart attached at the bottom was $4 and lastly the little robot man was $4. So, in total I spent $25 which is equivalent to R165. That's a lot down here to pay just for jewelery.
Besides the fact that I've been shopping like crazy, I'm going back to uni next week Tuesday *cue sobbing sounds now* so I probably won't update as much, I'll try before the hollies end to update as much as I can, so expect an update later today.

For now.
Bye Bye.

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