Friday, 29 April 2011  at 6:38 pm

Wow, I'm for once living up to my promise, I'm actually posting twice in one day. Anyway, onto what my readers really want to see, but before I get to that. These OFTD and NOTD I don't exactly remember what day I wore it or how long ago I wore it, just giving a heads up. Onto the piccu's:

  • orange sweater-Trueworths
  • plaid skirt-Foschini
  • military boots-rage 
  • black tights-woolworths 

  • denim skirt-can't remember
  • boot socks-woolworths
  • military boots-rage
  • grey knit sweater-foschini
  • extra long black scarf-woolworths 

  • black dress-trueworths
  • grey jersey-trueworths
  • satchel handbag-got it from my mums friend
  • necklace-diva (i wore the necklace with the black pendant)
  • black tights-woolworths 
Now that I look at it, I didn't go out much...it felt like I did though. I just realized that most of my clothing is bought from Trueworths, truth be told they are the only shop that sells small sizes that fit properly all the other shops, their smalls are either too big or ill fitting on me.


If I make these x-large it just messes up my format, so I apologize for the small pics in future I'll combine them linearly rather than in box form.

This really has a fruity smell to it, I have the strawberry fizz which of course smells like strawberries and the lemon smelling one...I can't actually find the bottle right at this moment, but it smells like lemons.
So, that is officially the end of my two part blog post, I hope all of you out there have gained something from this, whether it be what nail polish to buy or what nail art to do, its something gained.
I will definitely be updating tomorrow because I'm visiting my cheapzo warehouse store tomorrow ^^. Yosh.

Till then.
Bye Bye.

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