I'm back~!

Sunday, 24 April 2011  at 1:34 pm

Why have I been missing for so long you ask? Well, actually while I was doing my online assignments (dam, them) I ran out of bandwidth. (laughs) Was a bit bittersweet, because for one I couldn't complete my online assignments and two, I couldn't update my blooming blog. So, while I was missing, I went shopping. I wanted to buy a black skirt, but for some unknown reason, there wasn't one black skirt in stock. This place is useless. Then I went shopping for a black blazer, and to no surprise I couldn't find one. On the other hand I finally found a pair of military style boots, I love love them. Despite the items I couldn't find I of course managed to grab something with my manicured nails. No store is left untouched when I'm in it. Especially clothes stores.

Fashion Haul:

Aren't they just pwetty? They just scream military

Near the top of the shoe there are thin leather bits. The boots cost me $48, and I bought them at Rage for Stuttafords.
I bought another cropped jersey top. I have a grey cropped jersey similar to this. I bought this for R260 ($39) at Foschini.

Closer look at the pattern on the arms and chest area of the jersey.

I needed a jersey top to match my pleated skirt that I bought in my previous fashion haul, I settled for this orange jersey top because its quite long and when I wear the pleats of the skirt peak out at the bottom. I bought this jersey at Trueworths.

Closer look at the pattern on the arms and chest area on the jersey.

Instead of settling on just the orange jersey to wear with my skirt, I decided to buy this black top to wear with it as well. The top makes the skirt look less child-like, since its easy for me to look young, I bought this top to look a bit more my age.

I love the detailing on the arms, it gives the impression of shoulder pads.

$39, I bought the top at Trueworths.


You can't really see the name of the naipolish color I used, but it's called Stardust-colours extreme. For my thumb I used Rock road glitter-tip top

pleated skirt with a basic black tank top and short black jersey.

I took these in a changing room so the quality is too wonderful.
I wish everyone a good Easter~!

Bye Bye~

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