Meant to be doing my chemistry assignment~!

Monday, 11 April 2011  at 6:38 pm
Good evening~!

Honestly, what's with all these dam online assignments? They aren't exactly easy thats why I'm complaining. Anyway, I only have 4 days of university left, oh yeeaahh, but considering all the work I have to get done before the hollies enrapture me in their warmth, its not so much of a yeeaahh anymore. More like a uhuh, yeah. Who has heard mirror mirror by 4 minute? It's so good~! At first, honestly I hated it, I only liked the intro of the song, but it grew on me, unlike most of 4 minutes songs, I usually like them from the word play. Currently, I'm listening to Brave Girls-The difference, they're also good, "so sexy" is their best track by far. So, I was stalking as usual and stumbled upon this.

His expression is priceless, the text should have said, "bitch, oh no you didn't"   
I was meant to upload my previous fashion haul, but I will do that tomorrow, hang on until then, okay? Until then~

Bye Bye~

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