Fashion haul?

Wednesday, 30 March 2011  at 7:32 pm

So~! Remember when I said that I had so many tests to write this week? Well yesterday, just before my last test which was today. I had a...breakdown? I just couldn't stop crying, I was so unsure about everything~! My course, my work...if I knew my work. Ugh, it was just one big mess. Honestly, uni is no joke~! It will own your ass, good and solid. Anyway~! Moving onto some piccu's. I recently went shopping at this value mart place, twas really nice, they sold lancome blush for almost next to nothing, bargain~! bargain~! bargain~! Onto the piccu's~!

I'm sorry, it's not rotated properly, im just too tired to do it now

I never use the blush brushes that come packaged with the blushes, they don't applicate the blush properly

oh, oh, oh, I love my Levi black high tops, I've wanted a pair of these for so long and I finally got them

The bear makes the bag seem less serious and adult like

This is the bag I had in my previous OFTD, I got it from one of my mums friend, viiiintage ^^

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