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Sunday, 10 April 2011  at 12:05 pm
Good morning~!

The hype of the semester tests has finally died down, my body can finally get a chance to detox. So, in celebration of the dying down of all the pent up stress, I went shopping. No surprise there. I went to the Levi's store, well it was actually a Levi's outlet store. Yea, got some pretty good deals...kinda. I only bought three items and it cost me 700 rand, thats roughly $105 that I spent. Well, if you think about it this way, you pay for good quality at a cheaper price....I'm trying to justify my overspending and it's not working. Onto the pic's.

The pants cost 399 rand so, thats equivalent to $60.

The pants were far too long for my 1.57cm body, so I had to get them altered, it annoys me when pants are too long, I ALWAYS have to alter my pants.

This top hits just above my hips, so once again, it creates the illusion that I don't have curves.
I love the sequencing detail, it gives the top extra edge.

So, in US$ it is, $30, it seems really cheap in US$ but down here 199 rand is a lot to pay for a top, if I could compare the price, I am able to buy a computer game for 199 rand.

This is like a jersey? yeah, it's a jersey type of a top, very casual thats why I bought it.

I love the pleating at the back, you can't really see the pleating clearly in this pic, but the pleating looks really nice from the back if you wear it.

So, this was reduced from $30 to $19.

Pastel stripes.
I will probably upload pics of what I bought in my previous fashion haul. Yea, I had a haul before this one, I should have uploaded that one first, but anyway. Oh, I'll also be posting pic's of what all these wonderful pieces of clothing look on me. Till then.

Bye Bye~

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