OFTD, Fashion Haul AND NOTD~!

Sunday, 17 April 2011  at 8:20 pm

I just realized that I should probably list where I bought my items of clothing...what a fail. Anyway, so from now on, I will state where I buy my items of awesomeness. Has anyone heard Dal Shabet-Pink rocket album? Mini album? I'm currently listening to it, so far I'm quite impressed, all their songs are fun and happy, that's what I like to hear. I think this is the first post where I have a OFTD, Fashion Haul and a NOTD (Nail Of The Day). I've been buying alot lately, I went shopping today, no surprise there, I shop almost everyday. I went shopping for black ankle boots, but ended up buying a baseball type jacket, a cropped shirt and a skirt. So much for the ankle boot idea. I'll upload today's fashion haul tomorrow. I'll probably buy the ankle boots next weekend. So, lets start with the fashion haul first:

carnival of color was R159 ($23) and was marked down to R99 ($15) what a bargain. Considering I can use almost all of the colors, it was a good deal.

The rare find and day dreamer are solid colors, the rosy suntan and cinnamon fling are sparkly colors, I don't really like those two. I prefer solid colors over sparkly ones. 

The rocky road glitter cost me R39 ($6) I needed a glitter nail polish that had big bits of glitter in it, so I'm happy I bought this one.  
NOTD~! Pay no mind to my cuticles, yea, they don't look too well. So, I used rare find, rocky road glitter and sugar and spice. I used all Charlie nail polishes to create this NOTD.  
Checkered dress? Shirt? I can wear it as either since I'm short, yay me. But, my mum won't allow me to wear it as a dress, boo hoo. If I pair it with a pair of really thick tights I just might get away with wearing it as a dress. Can you see the trend? All my dresses flair out at the bottom, helps with the pear shape figure I have.

I bought the dress and my other items of clothing that are featured at Truworths. The store was having a "real sale" yea, that's what they called it, the dress, was marked down from R340 ($50) to R230 ($34).

I've really developed an obsession with short jerseys. It isn't pictured here, but I have a dark green jersey in exactly the same style as the one above. The reason I love short jerseys, you can easily layer items of clothing underneath and you can wear it with a skirt and not look clumsy.

I bought this jersey on sale too, there was initially no smalls on  the racks, one of the mannequins in the store had the jersey on and it happened to be a small, so...I asked the shop assistant if I could take it off the mannequin. The things I do to get the items of clothing I want. I can't exactly remember the marked down price but I'm guessing it was marked down to R230 ($34) the same price as the dress/shirt.

I finally, finally found a floppy type skirt that hides my hips~! The trick with this dress is the amount of layers it has. It has 2 layers and they're thick, so instead of flowing over your hips, it kinda drops down heavily onto them. I'm bad at describing the effect it creates, when I get a chance to wear it, you'll see what I mean. So, this is layer one.

And this layer two. The dress looks Grey in this pic, but it's actually a light brown color.

I love the satin detail. It adds a flirty and girly touch to the skirt.

I tried on this skirt before when it was full priced at R299 ($45) but my mum wouldn't buy it then. So, I was ecstatic when I found it on sale for only R199 ($29).
And finally onto the OFTD:

  • Blue jersey: Mango
  • White tank top: Trueworths
  • Black skinnies: Trueworths
  • Purple Bag: Ginger Mary (Trueworths)
  • Black boots: Luella
  • Necklace: Accesorize 

Closer look at the necklace. I love this necklace, looks rustic and old.
Wow, that was a long post, I hope all of you have enjoyed this read. Until my next post~

Bye Bye~

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