OFTD and Fashion Haul

Saturday, 16 April 2011  at 4:22 pm

As I said earlier, I promised that I would upload pic's of my previous haul, I know I'm really late, but I'm finally on holiday now, so I'll try to blog everyday. Yea, we'll see how that goes. Anyway, since I'm so overdue, I have a OFTD, just to satisfy my dear readers~!

It seems I have developed a liking for short jerseys, honestly is it not bad enough that I'm short already~! Anyway, for anyone who has curvaceous hips and is short. Short jerseys cut just above the curve of the hip and therefore create the illusion of no hips.

My beloved winter dress. This is the first of it's kind in my closet. I could never wear knit dresses because most of them are cut straight down, so they only fit on women that have no hips. But, I'm proud to say I FINALLY found one that wasn't cut straight, it actually flairs at the bottom~! I was surprised to see this on the rack, normally clothes cater for one type of body type. The flair cut at the bottom of the dress accommodates the curve of the hip and flows with the curve of the hip, creating a streamlined look.
I love the lace detail at the chest area and the flower print? I don't know if that's a flower print.  
Simple outfit. Knit jersey, cropped above the waistline and blue skinnies.
I would have updated earlier, but while I was typing I ran out of bandwidth, so I had to re-write everything....always me. Anyway, went shopping today, fashion haul pic's tomorrow.

Bye Bye~

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