Shopping, shopping, shopping

Friday, 1 July 2011  at 5:16 pm

My lovelies, it feels like I've been away for awhile but I probably haven't been away that long. So, I've been shopping like money flows out of a tap. Yeah, I'm spending money that doesn't belong to me. Shame on me! =p I still haven't received my results from the midterms, hopefully I will receive them soon, oh well. Today, my lovelies I have an OFTD, I actually have lots of OFTD's because I've been shopping a lot. There should be a vaccination to cure shopaholics, sometimes I actually feel bad because I'm spending her money so much, but then after I'm like "but I look so good in this!". I'm selfish I know.

Dress: Trueworth’s
Black top: Trueworth’s
Tights: Woolworth’s
Black booties: Luella

I tried to get an action shot, but I ended up with my hand covering half my face in my attempt.

(laughs) i wasn't measuring anything, I was trying to tell my mum that I wanted to be on the side of the picture.
I forgot it was Friday today, I hope everyone will enjoy their weekend ahead, and get some well deserved rest!

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