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Saturday, 16 July 2011  at 5:50 pm

My lovelies I know I haven't been updating as much lately. It seems these holidays had more in store for me than I had prepared myself for. First off, my "love" life has taken a turn for the better? That's another story I won't divulge into and secondly my health has taken a turn for the worst. I haven't been too well lately, stress is starting to eat at me and university is about to start in a weeks time and I;m just overwhelmed. But anyway! i wanted to share with you my lovelies some OFTD pictures! I have FINALLY managed to find a better location to take pictures, so hopefully these won't disappoint you.

Bomber jacket: Trueworths
Skirt: Trueworths
Tights: Woolworths
Boots: Rage
Handbag: A gift
Now for the old. I wanted to show you lovelies out there, the quality of the pictures taken with my Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Taken in the bathrooms at a mall as you can see XD

Taken in natural light. I think the quality of the pictures is much better than the pictures that I've taken with my Nokia 5800.
I hope all my lovelies are enjoying their weekend!

Bye Bye~

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