Stocking up for the holidays

Monday, 4 July 2011  at 8:19 pm

So, today my lovelies I wanted to post a bit of my "personal life" not really personal, more so what I do to prepare myself for ultimate relaxation during the holidays. I only heard recently that I haven't officially gone on holiday, the uni only closes on the 8th of this month. Hopefully I'm not missing any classes. So, as I said I want to show my lovely readers out there what I do to prepare myself for the holidays!

Yes! My guilty pleasure, I read Seventeen magazine though I'm turning 19 very shortly. Honestly, Seventeen magazine really caters for seventeen year olds, but I love their beauty tips and fashion ideas. Considering I'm a fashion addict in training it's the perfect place to get ideas! I usually read Glamour and Seventeen they are my two favorite magazines, but come to think of it I haven't read the magazines yet, since I've bought them (laughs). 

I love love, absolutely and whole-heartedly love Zillions! They are the only sweets I can eat by the handful without having to worry if my teeth will pain. For some reason when I eat specific types of sweets my teeth tend to pain. I don't know if it might be the sugar content or if I'm just overall sensitive to sweet things. Zillions are a type of semi-hard candy, they are similar to Smarties. They just don't have the chocolate in the center, they have sweet candy goodness in the center. Then I decided to buy white chocolate buttons from Thorntons. I was worried that the chocolate would be of a poor quality, but these to my surprise actually dissolved in my mouth when I ate them. I will definitely buy these again because I love white chocolate and it comes in a convenient package that you can carry with you in your handbag, in case you get peckish.

Absolutely by far the best ice-tea I have ever tasted in my life. They are inexpensive and just taste great. I love the fact that the drink actually tastes like peach ice-tea it doesn't have an artificial tang to it. I drink about four of these every day. As you can see two are missing in this picture, that's because I drank two on my way home. (laughs)

And then to end off my preparation for the holidays, I stock up on nail polish supplies. I had to buy a new base coat because I've lost my Sally Hansen strong as nails base coat, I think that was the name of it. I honestly loved that base coat ! It prevented my nails from chipping and breaking. I'm not trying to discredit my new base coat I just miss my old one. I find the tip top nail chic hydro-flex base coat to be of a good quality. It works just as well as any other base coat, and the plus is it stops my nails from chipping!  

It isin't really a blue color more of a pearly blue, when I wear it, I will upload a picture of what it looks like.

New dotting tool! My old dotting tool, the dots it created were too small and it just annoyed me, so I bought a new dotting tool. I think I lost my old dotting tool too, that's why I had to buy a new one. I find since entering university that I tend to lose a lot of things. For instance I once left my phone in the bathroom at uni and didn't realise, luckily I got it back though. So, my question for you my lovelies is, what do you tend to lose? Do you tend to lose things as easily as me?
I hope this post hasn't made any of my lovelies think to themselves "what a useless post" (laughs) that would be awful if any of you thought that. So, tomorrow is Tuesday? I hope everyone out there will enjoy their day tomorrow!

Bye Bye~


  1. mmmm, the only thing I remember most clearly from SA are the delicious candy and chips! the ones here in canada just don't match up , hahah
    although I have not heard of "zillions"
    they sound really good! I'lltell my parents to get some next time they go back~

    enjoy your summer break =]
    well i sit here rotting studying physics T_T

  2. yeah! The chips are really good! Yeah, I think Zillions are something new? I don't know, I just found them in the shop one day and decided to try them out. Ahaha, it sounds like you really don't like physics. I had a choice between taking physics and chemistry or just chemistry. I settled on just chemistry. I don't know how you stand physics, it's so hard and it sucks!
    Have you heard Hyuna's new mini album? Bubble pop?