Maintenance shopping

Monday, 18 July 2011  at 7:47 pm

My lovelies, do any of you do maintenance shopping? I do believe that is necessary to do maintenance shopping. Now, don't get me wrong maintenance shopping is not a full on shopping spree, it's more like shopping for those basics that you ABSOLUTELY need. In my case, I always ABSOLUTELY need everything on sale (laughs). So, I come today with a little maintenance shopping. Oh, my question for you lovelies out there, who has heard Miss A's new album? T-ara's new album and Mblaq's new album? In my opinion I don't think there was one album that really shone from the rest. I liked songs here and there from the different albums but didn't love a full album made from any of the artists. Oh well.

Maintenance shopping!

Don't the black flowers look cute? This necklace was reduced thrice! Like a boss! It was originally 69 zar ($9.86) then reduced to 39 zar ($5.57) and further to 20 zar ($2.85). I bought this necklace at Queenspark, this shop isn't as trendy as the Diva store, but it stocks good quality items.

I absolutely love pendants! They make any outfit look interesting, whether it be teamed with a simple tank top or a basic white t-shirt. This was also reduced thrice. Original price 229 zar ($32.74) then to 149 zar ($21.30) and further to 20 zar ($2.85). I bought this at Queenspark as well.

Alas, I have realized I have a fetish for fashionable headbands. I got this one at the Diva store for 130 zar ($18.60) which was  then reduced to  65 zar ($9.30).

Can you see that my lovelies? Peeking from my headband? I have too fallen prey to the Shatter nail polish trend. Down here, the shatter trend is pretty big because it's a miracle finding a bottle of OPI Shatter nail polish. So I was utterly ecstatic when I bought the last bottle of shatter nail polish in the nail store. When I bought it, it felt as if I had accomplished something, that just shows you lovelies how much I live nail polish. I bought it for 130 zar ($18.60).

Pictures don't do this headband justice!

I bought the grey knit jersey at Trueworth's for 280 zar ($40.07), this jersey was marked down, I don't remember the original price.

This blue sweater...I absolutely love it! It's stretchy, warm and all the things a sweater should be! I bought this at Queenspark, I have no idea what the original price was but the reduced price was 140 zar ($20.03).

I hope ALL of my lovelies are having a somewhat pleasant working week! I hope nothing will upset any of you or make you angry. As I say, always smile and things will get better in time!

Until the next post!
Bye Bye~!

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