Fun with black and turquoise

Saturday, 2 July 2011  at 1:35 pm

I come today with a NOTD! Since, I have so much time on my hands I can decorate my nails more elaborately. I actually have to learn for my learners license...yeah, I'm writing a trial test tomorrow and I don't think I'm ready, but it's only a trial test, right? Anyway, hopefully I will get my learners on the 12th. Oh, my lovely readers, on the 12th  will be away! Yes! I am going on holiday, I can't wait, I need to get out of this city, there's too much drama that I've caused here. I. Need. A. Break. When next semester approaches I'll be prepared for the drama that awaits me.

Products I used:
Tip top Nailchic-Hydro-flex base coat
Essence multi dimension in #20 Fatal
Essence color and go in #53 You belong to me (the color I used on my middle finger)
Colors extreme in ZN15-CreamPeach (used to make the dots on my thumb)
Art club Nail art lacquer in NA55 Pastel blue (used to make the blue dots on my thumb)
Black Rhinestone
White nail polish to make the white dots
Dotting tool
Nail art brush to paint the bows

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday so far! Today I have a question for my lovely readers! What are your plans for the holidays? If anyone isn't on holiday how do you plan on spending your time? I love to hear and read your comments! So please comment in the comment box below.

Bye Bye~


  1. Good luck on your learners license:) Hopefully you do great. And...your bows are really cute hahaha

    This holiday I'll be going to six flags with my parents. We'll see how that goes. What are you doing this holiday?:)

  2. Thanks~! ^^ I hope I do well too. Ahaha, the bows always take forever to paint on my right hand, it's such a pain. I'm going back to my hometown for the holidays, only for a week, so it's not that long. Hopefully during these holidays I'll be shopping and eating at good places, ahaha!

  3. welll , at least your summer is going well
    how do you get a license in SA?
    in canada its much harder to get one . first you have to take a written test just to get an "L" sign (learners) to stick at the back of your car and you can ride with one adult . this stage is basically your 'learning' stage
    then you go in for a road test to get an "N" sign (new) and you stick that on the rear of your car and you can drive alone~
    then after 2 years of driving experience you can go in for ANOTHEr driving test to qualify for what they call ' class 5' here and you don't ever again have to display those stupid signs.
    i'm currently on the "N" level xD

    good luck with driving

    and for my weekend... its studying for physics MT o_O

  4. Gosh! Down here it's much easier, it's almost similar but we don't go through another driving test to qualify for anything. We basically just have to get the L sign, then make an appointment to get drivers and if you pass that then your done! ^^ With me, I got my stupid L sign was driving for 18 MONTHS! and on the day of my drivers...I bumped into a pole XD that's why I have to redo my learners, it sucks! But if I get my learners now then it will last me for 2 years. So, I'll have more time, to drive and schtuff XD I hate driving so much, it's boring.
    Ah! That sucks! Good luck with the studying and for your physics midterm! ^^