I'm finally free

Monday, 27 June 2011  at 7:08 pm

My lovelies! I am finally finished with university midterms! I was so eager to get done with exams that I left the exam venue immediately after I finished, and i never do that, because I consider it a bad omen. Oh well. Hopefully my results will show all the effort and hard work I put in. Has anyone heard 2pm's latest release hands up? I love it, my favorite tracks so far are hands up, electricity and 모르니 (I don't know what the english title is). To be honest 2ne1's I am the best single really helped me get through the strain of studying for my last exam. I'm so glad that 2ne1 and 2pm released something new. My ears were aching for some new kpop and they provided it (laughs). Anyway, enough of that, in my previous fashion haul I forgot to include pictures of my gladiator sandals (bad me) so as promised they are in this fashion haul.

I love my floral shirts! I bought this shirt at Trueworths for 380 zar ($52.26). I especially love this shirt because it looks great with skinny jeans or a simple black skirt, because of the print it can make a simple outfit girly and fun.

I bought the gladiater sandals at Luella for 299 zar ($43.48) if I'm not mistaken. I got these on sale, because it's part of the stores leather collection these shoes usually are priced from 300-400 zar ($43.63-58.18).

Denim skinnies, usually skinnies don't fit well by my leg area because my legs are thin, but these surprisingly are fitted from the thigh all the way down. I bought these at Trueworth's for 280 zar ($40.72). There were these chocolate brown skinnies (well I thought they were skinnies) they ended up being treggings. Now, I have no idea what treggings are so if any of my readers have insight to this please tell me what they are.

Simple outfit of the day.

I hope everyone will have a wonderful working week ahead, because from now until sometime in July, I am off!

Bye Bye~


  1. lucky, you are free from exams. I still have midterms and finals coming up, and can only be done in August!
    Isn't it winter over in SA? and its still so sunny!??!
    it's 'supposed' to be 'summer' in vancouver , but we only had a day or two of sun and today is like gloomy and possibly rainy in the following days , blech.
    nice shoes!
    interesting place names you have, like 'luella, trueworths..." haha, I only remember woolworths when I was younger...and pick n pay? is that it? I don't remember any malls or anything though... too small.
    I lived in Benoni =] do you know where that is?

    I'm in the library right now at school.
    I have a physics tutorial right after, and I'm scared we're going to have a quiz because I did not study! (watching dramas all day yesterday! eek)
    ok... I should go study now =]

    have a nice day~

  2. you only have midterms and finals coming up NOW?? that's ridiculous, during my midterms, I swear there were many a times where I just wanted to pass out, lol. Yeah, it's winter over here, and the sun torments me. It's so sunny with no clouds but it's freezing! Vancouver's weather is kinda like Cape Town's weather, sunny one minute then downpour the next. I like that kind of weather.
    Yeah, Pick n Pay's the name, its still going as strong as ever, ahaha. Yupp, I know where Benoni is, but I've never been there before though.

    You have quizzes for physics tutorials? That sucks my friend takes physics and for every tutorial they have to write a test. In my biology labs I have to write a pre-lab test, I suck so bad at it, if I'm having a good day I pass if I'm having a bad day I fail DX. Lol, you were watching dramas?? What dramas were you watching?
    Well if you had the quiz then good luck and I'm sure you'll do well! ^^

  3. well i'm taking the summer term and i'm only take chem and physics right now , but it still feels like a lot. I had midterms like 2 weeks ago? they were the first ones, then I'll probably have them in july, then finals in august O_O , then i'm done! (still long ways to go >.>) for midterms we only have 50 min to write it...and there is usually not enough time!

    omg , yeah, i just had physics tutorial and there was a quiz... they are 'pop' quizzes but you usually know when they come up. lets just say... I just plugged numbers and used formulas and assumed stuff. hahaha . then we were going over this worksheet and I totally did not know anything, and the person picked on me ! arg...

    your labs seem intense? pre lab test every time? I remember for my bio course I took, it was a 'walk in' lab and we just followed the lab script and 'observed' or did experiments at our own pace. but sometimes it could take HOURS! for chem we have it once every 2 weeks , and they're quite fun right now because I have a great group and lab instructor. Did you take chem yet? You're first year right?

    but I hate online assignments! I always do them last minute and then I panic...

    omg sorry for writing so much , hahah.

  4. oh for dramas i watch everything
    mainly HK shows, korean, japanese
    watching city hunter right now! it'sso good. you should watch it if you have not~

  5. Only 50 minutes?? That's way too little time! Lol, you just plugged in numbers? (laughs) I usually do that for statistics, I see what formula looks "safe" and use it. Ahaha, yeah people usually pick on people who they can see don't know what's going on. I know, in our lecture halls, the lecturers usually do that to us if we're not listening in class, then if they pick on someone usually the friend who is listening will answer or cover up.

    Honestly, I study for pre-labs and sometimes I wonder when I write the test where did they get these questions from?? The questions ALWAYS suck! Yeah, I'm first year, I take chemistry, I also have chem labs every second week, and I'm the first week....it sucks. But labs are fun as you said, because if you have a great group and lab instructor it makes it all the worthwhile. My lab instructor marks so leniently nobody in the group gets below an A.
    Lol, online assignments are such a waste of time, I google the question and then get the answer =p
    Ahaha, it's oki, I love reading your replies!
    I've heard of city hunter, buutt, I'm just too lazy to watch drama's right now ahaha.