Birthday haul

Tuesday, 12 July 2011  at 5:54 pm

My lovelies, it was my birthday on the 9th of this month. I'm officially 19...I'm getting old so fast, time really does fly past. So, I come with a lovely in depth birthday haul. Unfortunately I didn't go out on my birthday, because my mum kept me under house arrest. I went out with somebody the previous day until 6 the night so yeah. I didn't really enjoy my birthday to be honest, I only enjoyed the day I went out the previous day. Don't be surprised if I can say exactly how much my birthday items cost me. I chose my birthday gifts myself, solely because I'm tired of receiving gifts I don't like for my birthday (laughs).

My wonderful birthday looks so pretty!

I bought the nail art stickers and stamping nail art plate at Planet nails. The nail art stickers were 10 zar ($1.45) and the stamping nail art plate was 20 zar ($2.90). I lost my hello kitty stamping plate, so I had to buy a new one because I still have no idea how to use the stamping set. I think the nail polish that I'm using on the plate doesn't really work that well, so I have to go back to the store to ask what's going on.

The rings, bracelet and headbands to follow were bought at Claire's. They were having a 75% sale, so I had to buy something. I only heard later from the women at the counter that were closing down, and I just found out about them recently. It was one of those sales where you could buy two things and get two things free, so I loved it. The arrow ring was  49 zar($8.56).

The Eiffel tower ring was 49 zar($7.10).

My lovely bow ring was 49 zar too ($7.10). So, because it was buy two and get two free I bought the arrow ring and the bracelet that is to follow, and got the bow ring and the Eiffel tower ring free.

I love this floral headband, it's perfect for summer. I bought this for 17 zar ($2.47). It originally was 75 zar ($10.87).

The color doesn't quite show up in the picture but it's a light peachy color. I bought this for 12 zar ($1.77). It was orginally 75 zar ($10.87).

This is a type of material headband, it has black feathers attcached to it and sequence. I bought this for 17 zar ($2.47). This headband was also 75 zar ($10.87).

So, I decied to buy the Clinique chubby stick in "whole lotta honey". I haven't as of yet tried it out. But I love the color and the tint of color it has to it. I bought it for 175 zar ($25.42).

The bracelet was 59 zar ($8.57).

I had to stock up on nail art supplies, bought the nail art brushes for 15 zar ($2.17) and the pink dotting tool was 15 zar as well ($2.17).

I got this cute phone charm from one of my guy friends. He's the one that took me out the previous day before my birthday. He always makes me smile.

Alas, I bought another skirt. I bought this skirt at a designer boutique. It's not really a boutique more like a shop that houses the works of young fashion designers, I love that shop. It has unique pieces that you can't find anywhere else. The shop's name is YDE. The skirt was designed by Milla. I love the design of the skirt because it has pockets on the side which help to disguise hips. It's also the perfect length, it's hard for me to find the perfect length skirt, because I'm short. This has to be the first skirt that fitted perfectly without me having to alter it. I bought the skirt for 290 zar ($42.16), it originally was 380 zar ($55.25).

My second pair of boots from Luella. These are from their leather collection. My brother bought these for me, usually he buys me nothing, so I was surprised when he bought me these. These were originally priced at 899 zar ($130.68), but I bought them for 499 zar ($72.54).

I hope everyone will have a wonderful Wednesday! Oh, and my lovelies! I passed my learners test, I'm so glad! So, for me, today has ended on a high note!
Bye Bye.        

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