Animal Print

Monday, 6 June 2011  at 7:17 pm

My lovely readers! I never realized how stressful exam week can be...well pre-exam week. University, is really a whole different ball game, but, tonight my lovelies, I bring with me my first attempt at animal print! I hope it isn't to disappointing (laughs).

I hope the print actually looks like animal print. I showed one of my friends the print on my nails and she said it looks like chromosomes....that's what happens when you study biochemistry. You start relating everything to biology. How has everyone's Monday been so far? i actually didn't realize it was Monday, and almost went to the wrong lecture hall. University messes you up!

I do love hearing from all of my lovely readers, so if there is anything that has inspired you or made you more interested in something, feel free to comment in the comment box below!

Bye Bye~!

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