Tribal print

Sunday, 5 June 2011  at 9:16 pm

My lovely readers, tonight I bring my first attempt at tribal print. I know I'm aeon's behind in the nail art world, but I only found out recently the technique to do tribal nail art. As I will emphasize again, this is my FIRST attempt at tribal print, it's sloppy, a bit untidy, shows enthusiasm and I hope my lovely readers, will love it. ^^

Products I used:

essence colour and go in 39 lime up.

essence colour and go in 53 you belong to me.

This I honestly, don't know where I bought this, but it was perfect as a base coat, for the tribal print, it is topaz FM. I think I bought it at a nail salon that mix their own nail polish or make it...I don't know.

Used a simple white nail lacquer to create the white dots.

Top coat, honestly, this isin't the best top coat around, so please, don't buy it. Sally Hansen, in my opinion makes the best top and base coats.

Used this as a base coat.

White tip painter used to make the white stripes.

Black two way nail art pen to create the triangular shapes, I don't know why, but there is no pen in this two way thing. So, it's only a one way thing, what a rip-off.

Nail art brush to paint the orange and lime green stripes. I just realized the orange nail lacquer I used isn't picutred. For the orange stripe I used Rimmel, I love lasting finish 265 POP!

Dotting tool, to dot white dots.

I hope everyone will have a pleasant and safe working week ahead, even though it feels like the working week never seems to end and the weekend never started. Updates, will not be coming in for the next three weeks. Midterms are starting and I should probably study for them, ne? Ahaha, I hope my readers will support me during this time, and wish me luck!

Until then.
Bye Bye

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